Underdog Afrobeat Artist, JayQ The Legend, Triumphs in Black Charts – Storming Ahead of Kanye West

Underdog Afrobeat Artist, JayQ The Legend, Triumphs in Black Charts – Storming Ahead of Kanye West, DJ Khaled, and Beyoncé!

Artist: JayQ the Legend
Title: Amazing Girl
Single Out Now

You might have thought that with all the amazing tracks released from stars like Beyoncé, Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion, and Dutchavelli in recent weeks, there’d be no room for underdogs in this week’s black music charts. However, British Virgin Islands bred JayQ the Legend has snagged the number 2 spot in this week’s charts, leaving the big stars playing catch-up to his recently released summer anthem ‘Amazing Girl‘.

Speaking about the success of the track, JayQ stated his joy that a song celebrating women is nearing the top spot:


Having climbed 3 places from the number 5 spot last week, it leaves us wondering if ‘Amazing Girl’ will reach that number 1 spot next week?!

More momentum is sure to head towards the track, with the iconic world music video just days away from release. Until then you can check out the feel-good lyric video here:

We’ve got a lot of making up to do for lost time this summer – so make this summer anthem last and keep your eyes peeled for what JayQ the Legend will breakthrough with next!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayqthelegend/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/breakoutmusicofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Breakout-Music-2161719050589994/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayQTheLegend
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/45tPOjgEGC31MA5YNCrz7E

For more information, please contact publicity6@quitegreat.co.uk or call 01223 844 440

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West Dunbartonshire Council Selects VKY and UiPath for Automation

West Dunbartonshire Council has announced it has selected independent service provider VKY Intelligent Automation as its strategic partner for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation with UiPath.

VKY will support the establishment of the Council’s automation Centre of Excellence (CoE). This will include UiPath technical enablement, providing expert guidance on governance, training and the local authority’s automation operating model. VKY will also develop UiPath automations alongside the Council’s fledgling CoE to create momentum and bring forward the realisation of benefits.

Higher Value Tasks to Boost Productivity

The purpose of the programme, which was approved at the Council’s Corporate Services Committee in February, is to automate repetitive and manual business processes enabling staff to focus on higher value tasks. This will both improve overall productivity and service delivery to citizens whilst also improving the well-being of staff.

West Dunbartonshire Council, Business Support Manager, Arun Menon, said: “The Council is pleased to work with VKY Intelligent Automation in delivering the first Robotic Process Automation service to the Council. “Automation is a key element of our digital transformation programme which is supporting new ways of working with a particular focus on the use of technology to help improve efficiency and effectiveness of our workforce. The software will integrate with our own systems and allows us to refocus employees from manually repetitive and time-consuming tasks to those where they can add more value to our citizens and services.”

VKY’s Director of Intelligent Automation, Alex Croucher, had this to say: “West Dunbartonshire Council are passionate about delivering the best service possible to citizens and we’re really proud to be part of that mission going forward. This is the first automation contract of its kind to be won by an independent service provider in Scotland and it’s a testament to the work of our delivery team and the relationships we have built with UiPath over the last 3 years.”

Chris Duddridge, Area VP and Managing Director UKI at UiPath said, “We are always excited to embark a new customer from the public sector as we have seen first-hand how successful our use cases are. Time and time around they show us how embracing automation makes a positive impact for public officers’ work engagement and satisfaction, while improving service to citizens.”

The contracts for both UiPath and VKY were procured through the UK Government G Cloud 11 framework and will run for 2 years with options to extend.

About VKY Intelligent Automation

Based in Glasgow, VKY are one of the UK’s leading independent Intelligent Automation & Digital Transformation service providers. They use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI methods to automate front and back office processes, working with carefully selected technology partners including UiPath, Liveperson, Microsoft, AWS and IBM Watson. VKY’s industry leading methodology and approach enable clients to progress quickly, realise benefits sooner and achieve a larger ROI.

About UiPath

UiPath is leading the ’automation first’ era—championing a robot for every person and enabling robots to learn new skills through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Through free and open training, UiPath brings digital era skills to millions of people around the world, improving business productivity and efficiency, employee engagement, and customer experience. The company’s hyperautomation platform combines the #1 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities, including process mining and analytics.

More Information

To find out more, please contact Alex Croucher at VKY: info@vkyautomation.com

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East meets West: 22 years old blends Asian herbs and matcha into zero sugar energy drink

The story began like this – a young college student who suffers from mild dyslexia and struggles to spell created an one-of-a-kind tea soda made with organic Japanese matcha and several natural energy-boosting herbs to challenge Redbull’s traditional energy drinks.

The new in town HISE soda is a magical combination to power up your brain functions, especially on concentration and memory, and battle enervation and fatigue by strengthening your physical ability.

“I used to rely on energy drinks to deal with my concentration issue as I hate pills. Sure thing they do hype you up for three hours but the side-effects are just too much – blushing my skins, crazy heart pounding and energy crash” the young innovator explained. “So I turned to Chinese herbal and mint tea instead that worked like magic. Inspired by the natural drinks, I founded HISE, the powerful future energy soda that come with clean ingredients and zero sugar that are suitable for everyone, even the diabetes and persons on diet!”

To the remedy of many who want to stay energised but also value health, HISE’s new future soda comes with no side-effect but only side-benefits. With the recent super-food trend, matcha has been brought to the spotlight for its rich antioxidants content and free radical fighting properties. For more, matcha is high in dietary fiber and fosters metabolism which assist you in weight control and keeping fit. On top of that, the energy soda features three types of top-notch Asian herbs that improve your heart health and help fight age-associated and long-term diseases. One of the three, Rhodiola Rosea helps in improving mood and easing stress by correcting the chemical imbalances.

“Born in a family that is enthusiastic about teas and herbs, I am always amazed by their nutrition benefits. But we are aware that tea soda is also a soda that needs to taste good. So we studied the popular Western beverages’ taste and came up with this delightful tea lemonade recipe which is actually refreshing and sweet!” The Hong Kong based team pointed out that the sweet taste is from a new innovative natural sweetener extracted from the Eastern traditional favorite sweetener – Monk Fruit.

Excited for the future energy soda? HISE is now available as crowdfunding on kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hisedrink/hise-organic-matcha-lemonade-soda-zero-sugar and check them out at www.hisedrink.com

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