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Wine as a work of art – unique installation at ProWein

377When Moldovans set their minds to something, put their soul into it and add (some might say ‘divine’) inspiration, the result can only be called a “work of art”. Emphasis on “work” and “art”. Whether it’s traditional crafts, delicious local food or remarkable wines, the people of Moldova are legendary for working hard, as the purifying experience of labor brings to life the most amazing creations.

To highlight its human talent and craftsmanship in winemaking, this year Moldova has a truly memorable presence at ProWein. The stand – which hosts a record 39 Moldovan wineries – has been designed using entirely hand-embroidered canvas, crafted with love and decorated with traditional ornaments inspired by Moldovan carpets, which are included by UNESCO on its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The installation symbolizes Moldovan winemaking: long-established, passionate, inspiring and aspiring.

To make this exclusive stand, 12 Moldovan artists worked by hand for over 2,500 hours, using 500 needles, hundreds of thousands of strokes and stitches, and over 50 kg of wool, to embroider 130 square meters of canvas.

This unique work of art can be seen and contemplated at ProWein Düsseldorf from 18 – 20 March. Here you can taste the latest vintages from 39 Moldovan wineries, united under the country brand “Wine of Moldova” which will showcase their products. Enjoy tastings with the winners of international wine contests in 2017 – quality wines bearing thousands of years of winemaking tradition, combined with a taste for innovation.

In 2018, Moldova was nominated by UNWTO as the Wine Tourism World Capital, and will host the World Wine Tourism Conference in September 6-7, 2018.

Wine of Moldova. Crafted with love for you to enjoy!

Visit Wine of Moldova’s stand at ProWein Düsseldorf, Germany (Hall 15, Stand G81), 18-20 March 2018. Find out more in the video.

“Wine of Moldova” participation at ProWein is organized by the National Office for Vine and Wine with the support of the Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Swedish Government.

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