XproAd – How much impact would 5G have on marketing and advertising?

This year witnessed the release of ultra-fast wireless service by carriers and device makers. And there is a knowing that the introduction of the next-gen 5G wireless service will annul the disparities between online and offline. In view of this, XproAd experts have provided answers to the potential impact of this latest innovation on marketing and advertising.

Is this the end of cable connections?
XproAd experts say, “Cable connections could become irrelevant with the invention of 5G wireless service. For instance, a large TV might pick up all HD and 4K programs from air through the wireless service. This will disrupt the cable and Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry because fixed wire infrastructure would lose its relevance in delivering speedy Internet as well as hundreds of TV channels.”

“This would even affect the ad-buying and ad-serving system that depend on it. Though the impact will be felt greatly by the cable connections, marketers will also enjoy surfaces with 5G wireless transceiver as an outlet for the most intelligent computing service available.”– Concluded XproAd experts.

Does that mean any surface can become an interactive marketing medium?
XproAd experts think that “More inventions and innovative opportunities will come with the introduction of 5G media environment. And this is mainly attributed to the availability of ultra-fast wireless connectivity that will bring about sophisticated screens that can be placed anywhere. This might invariably change the messaging approach used by marketers and advertisers.”

“We envision a new era of Augmented Reality (AR) due to the overlays of interactive imagery and ultra-fast bandwidths that will be present anywhere. This might require advertisers to give away AR-enhanced glasses because advertising will now be possible on store windows, walls, car dashboards, and just anywhere and everywhere.”– concluded XproAd experts.

A new interactive way to present products
XproAd experts believe that we are at the beginning of a new period for augmented reality, as overlays of high-quality and sharp imagery became available everywhere: Not only for AR-enhanced glasses, but also in store windows, offices, and even on walls in the street or in-car dashboards. XproAd expert also suggests that advertisers may want to sell branded AR glasses to connect their clients with their own layers of reality directly, giving their clients a new way of marketing.

Will it change ad architectures?
XproAd experts say, “Beyond the fact that data repositories might need to adopt a new design to accommodate high demand, there will also be a need for a great reinvention in advertising infrastructures. Since 5G will blow up the current advertising architectures, all these adjustments need to be performed. Moreover, the architectures currently use for ads are not developed to offer ads that are a hundred times faster. Hence, the need for a proper update in the creative specs on file sizes and ad formats.”

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