Free Yoga For Everyone – Derbyshire Yogi Is Dedicated To Keeping Us All Fit In Lockdown

Derbyshire based yoga and Pilates teacher Tabitha Wright is dedicating her time while she is in lockdown to keeping us all fit and healthy with free yoga and Pilates classes for everyone. Social distancing and the lockdown mean none of us can go to the gym or to our usual exercise classes and this is having a direct effect on our health and for some of us our waistlines too.

According to under their guidance for the public on mental health and wellbeing: in order to look after our feelings and our bodies we need to: eat a healthy diet and we need to exercise at home, if possible outside, at least once a day. Their article also goes on to say that practising yoga and associated breathing can help us to relax.

As the owner of Tabitha Yoga, a local yoga studio in Belper, Derbyshire, prior to the lockdown, Tabitha was running daily yoga and Pilates classes. With over 20 years of experience in the practice of yoga, Tabitha knows only too well the many benefits of yoga for keeping the body fit and strong and the mind calm and balanced.

The Benefits of Yoga
“Yoga is associated with not just benefits of the subtle body but has boundless physical benefits too. Often benefits can be immediate and life changing. Obvious benefits like increased strength, suppleness and stamina. Unlike many sports, yoga works on all of your body’s muscles and enhances balance, improves posture and grace. One of the most magic benefits of yoga is that it cleanses and conditions your internal systems. It enhances your body’s natural processes like, digestion, elimination and detoxification. Regular practice of yoga can alleviate symptoms of asthma, backache, headaches, high and low blood pressure and Coronary Heart Disease.

Yoga is a system that is of benefit to everyone, regardless of their age, religion and experience. If practised regularly yoga will transform your body, mind and soul. – taken from

Free Yoga and Pilates For Everyone Forever
“At Tabitha Yoga we’re so passionate about yoga and Pilates and the many benefits they both have on our minds and bodies that we decided to make our classes free for everyone forever, so a year ago we started our YouTube channel called – Tabitha Yoga. We upload a new class every week and we now have over 100 different yoga and Pilates classes, meditations and relaxations that anyone can join in with whenever they want to wherever they are totally Free.” Say’s Tabitha enthusiastically.

The Tabitha Yoga YouTube channel is a new and upcoming channel in the ranks of YouTube having gained over 75,000 views and 1,400 subscribers in their first year. “We are only just starting out, but we are so proud to be the British yoga channel competing with some huge players in the market, particularly from over the pond.”
“We feel like we are truly connected with the people and we are all one community, sharing our experiences together. We are now making sure all the classes that we upload are focussed on helping everyone to get through social distancing and the lockdown” Tabitha goes on to say.

Helping Everyone to Get Through the Lockdown
Tabitha has been spending her lockdown time developing new classes that focus on the problems we’re all facing as a result of social distancing such as Yoga To Help Beat The Coronavirus, Yoga For Managing Change, Pilates For Lockdown Weight Loss, and Yoga For A Good Night’s Sleep, to name but a few. She has even put together a 21 Day Lock Down Class Plan featuring 24 different classes that can be done each day to help get everyone through the lockdown healthily and happily.

As she and her team are observing the rules of social distancing, Tabitha has run most of these classes as Livestreams so that they can be filmed and uploaded without her camera crew and tech team, and that’s no easy feat for someone who is a natural yogi and not a marketeer.

Free Live Classes for Key-Workers
Whilst all of this is impressive, Tabitha hasn’t stopped there. Realising that we still need to feel connected with our community Tabitha has also added daily live Zoom classes to her teaching schedule, so no one needs to feel like they are missing their yoga and Pilates classes or their friends, they practise with. While she does charge a small fee for these class for regular students, she is offering them Free of charge to all Key-workers, as her very small way of saying thank you and paying back for all the great work they do.

There are a great many people who have done some truly amazing and heroic things through this pandemic and we applaud them all. We’re sure Tabitha would not want to be considered a hero in any way but we hope you agree with us, that she too deserves a round of applause and, even better, a little support from us, the great British public too. ????

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Online Yoga Trend Has Apps like Glo Taking Over Fitness Routines

Living a healthy and strong life requires a bit of dedication and consistency regardless of what workout regime you wish to follow. One of the most calming yet effective workouts out there right now is Yoga. Whether you practice Yoga online or by going to a nearby class, the results can be tremendous. Not too long ago, many people had the perception that yoga was just some fancy type of meditation. However, more then the meditation benefits, there are various other healthy and overall physical benefits that come with this practice as well.

The Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

– Boost Of Metabolism

One of the main benefits to starting Yoga is the fact that it has the ability to speed up the metabolism naturally. Each move requires the body to move in a certain way that encourages the metabolism’s rate. When done regularly and correctly, your body will naturally be able to work the way it’s supposed to. Your bowel movements will regulate, your hormone levels will balance out, and water retention will be a thing of the past.

– Balance Cortisol Levels For Less Stress

In the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, stress is just bound to happen. When you practice Yoga, you will be able to balance out your cortisol levels and release plenty of endorphins which in turn relaxes the mind and body. Yoga is a form of meditation that is also paired with quality exercise. As you are burning calories, you are also working out your mind which is so important to do in this day in age. Mental care should never be overlooked even though it is so easy to do so.

– Increase In Flexibility

Lastly, your flexibility capabilities will sky rocket. You will be able to do more mobility wise and have more energy overall. Yoga is far more than just stretching and breathing, because as you become more flexible, you also become stronger at the same time. It is the ultimate working that really does wonders to every part of the body. If you feel as though you cannot commit to a class, you can always take advantage of GLO.

Why GLO Offers The Best Online Yoga Classes

Going to actual classes can be wonderful if you happen to have the lifestyle that can cater to that. Unfortunately, going to weekly or daily classes as a routine can be a lot, especially since many Yoga studios only offer classes for specific times of the day. That is why finding the best online Yoga classes can be your best bet in keeping your lifestyle while also receiving the benefits of this practice. Only the best online Yoga classes like the ones from GLO can actually elevate you fitness wise to where you want to go. You will be able to choose the type of classes that best fit your level and also get to do the exercise whenever and wherever you please. Though the class environment is nice, being able to commit to a class is challenging. GLO, fortunately, provides you the opportunity to make your own schedule and be in charge of your own progress.

The best online Yoga classes really can be found on GLO. You will be given a plethora of options to choose from and experience this workout like no other. Living a healthier and happier life overall truly can be achieved when you invest in effective means of fitness. Being able to continuously stick to a fitness routine like the Yoga videos with GLO, will be the silver lining you need to be one step closer to your goals.