Tokenized Gold on the Blockchain Arrives to Chile and Latin America

UK-based Aurus Technologies Ltd. Partners with Chilean Gold Broker to Offer Digital Gold in Latin America

Aurica Metales is the first gold broker in Latin America to offer digital tokens backed by physical gold. The Chilean distributor has partnered with UK fintech Aurus Technologies Ltd. to begin commercializing a new digital product that facilitates gold ownership, called AurusGOLD (AWG).

Aurica Metales is the largest gold broker in Chile and it specializes in the distribution of gold coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the paralysis of supply chains, Aurica seized the opportunity to diversify its brick mortar business by offering a digital gold alternative to Latin american market.

Felipe Muñoz, Managing Director of Aurica said: “At Aurica we are very happy to have partnered with Aurus, as it will allow us to expand our business operations and provide access to the new era of gold investments across Latin America.”

AurusGOLD is a gold-backed token that is created using Aurus’ blockchain-based solution, where each token represents 1 gram of LBMA-accredited gold. As of today, Aurica is distributing AurusGOLD margins above spot price, accompanied by a portable hardware wallet granting holders the highest form of security and control.

Francisco Leyton, Latam Lead of Aurus Technologies said: “With Aurica we are making gold more accessible and convenient for investors in Chile and in Latam. Now, people will be able to easily buy, store and transfer gold avoiding the hurdles of the physical world.”

About Aurus: Aurus Technologies is a UK limited company that offers a Tokenization-as-a-Service solution to the gold industry. Aurus’ blockchain platform enables gold providers, vaults and distributors to independently produce and distribute their own gold-backed token, AurusGOLD (AWG).

BitcoinPoS will launch Cold Staking – A Safer Way to Generate Passive Income

Bitcoin Proof of Stake, an exciting new Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, is launching one of the safest ways to generate passive income in cryptocurrency, Cold Staking! The company aims to develop a Bitcoin Proof of Stake consensus that will improve the original Proof of Work system.

What is Cold Staking?

Cold Staking is known as the newest method of staking coins without being under threat of attack, and that’s because it mostly uses an offline wallet to keep your coins. At the microeconomic level, it guarantees your money is protected from hackers most of the time, but it also protects the planet by using less energy.

What BitcoinPoS offers?

Bitcoin Proof of Stake – BitcoinPoS entered the cryptocurrency world in the beginning of May 2020. In just a few months, it already conquered the crypto enthusiasts, by focusing on two of the biggest technologies nowadays – Bitcoin Core and Proof of Stake.

With a team of dedicated employees who continuously develops solutions for improved safety, BitcoinPoS aims to migrate Bitcoin to a Proof of Stake consensus. This serves as proof that cryptocurrencies are gradually evolving.

And now they are ready to allow users to delegate the staking to third parties in a more secure way. The version of Cold Staking developed by BitcoinPoS will require two wallets:

  • The first one will hold the funds and receive the rewards, preferably by using a hardware technology, and the wallet does not need to be online all the time;
  • The second one will be the hot-node, which needs to be online 24/7

This will involve a hard fork of the blockchain and will be a mandatory update for all clients. With this feature, hot wallets will serve just to perform the staking operation, improving the safety of your income.

The advantages of Cold Staking

The idea of staking in general was extremely well received by the cryptocurrency community, being a way of generating extra income without using much energy, in opposition to mining.

The fact that you can earn transaction fees by participating in Staking Pools and get rewarded for it increased the popularity of cryptocurrencies. But with great income come great hackers, so the Cold Staking feature became a must in order to improve security and minimize risk.

Now you can safely store your coins in offline hardware wallets or air-gapped software wallets. It was about time for some gold armor!


Cryptocurrency began with the idea of giving people independence, and in just a decade it evolved according to their needs. Little by little, Bitcoin and altcoins are going to get the same power as the actual main currencies, and this process is happening right now. The new Cold Staking feature is proof that history books are still being written.

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How Power Snooker’s cryptocurrency PowerSnookerCoin will change the sport

Cryptocurrency continues to drive innovation around the world, and not least in sport. The value and availability of these coins is set not by banks and financial institutions but by the computational power required to create it and allows people to make secure and anonymous transactions online, using block-chain technology to record every transaction.

But in the world of sport, cryptocurrency is being used to create virtual communities with greater interaction between fans and teams. Sites like Socio allow supporters to purchase tokens for their favourite teams in basketball or football, and this gives them privileged access to everything from special memorabilia, both physical and virtual, to votes on the colours of a newly released team jersey.

When Power Snooker, a more aggressive and dynamic sister sport to traditional Snooker, was created in 2010 its reach was world wide, with millions tuning in to watch the finals in 2010 and 2011 from 193 countries. Costas A Joannou, now the Chairman of Power Snooker Group explained that “For a global sport, we need a global cryptocurrency, so we created PowerSnookerCoin to do just that.”
“Amongst many reasons for Power Snooker’s initial failure to continue was the lack of structure supporting the community,” Costas A Joannou said, “there was a failure to innovate and move with the times.”

This global cryptocurrency is more ambitious than similar models adopted in other sports. For fans, purchasing PowerSnookerCoins can offer exclusive access to news, community votes and merchandise, and depending on the tier of membership purchased, access to future clubs, events and tournaments.

The group plans to put the capital raised from the PowerSnookerCoin back into the sport, it’s professional and amateur leagues. “When you buy a PowerSnookerCoin you aren’t just buying a medium of exchange,” Costas A Joannou said, “You are also buying support emanating from the Group’s tangible and intangible assets.”

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Something’s Big’s Happening: Typerium’s 100 Day Countdown

London – Something exciting is happening at Typerium, the blockchain company that wants to change the lives of creators. On Tuesday morning (GMT), Typerium’s main website ( began redirecting to At the new location, gone are the ethereal blues and futuristic graphics. In their place is a screen split between black and red, with a mysterious counter, ticking down from 100 days.

There’s a play button you can click on to hear an ominous drone, below it, the words “The #SECONDCOMING” in bold and underlined. The clock trickles down, second by second. Below it, another short blurb “When the clock hits zero, it’s time…” and a field where you can enter your email.

It’s all very eerie, leaving everyone wondering: What’s the countdown for?

At this stage, no one knows.

The Telegram, Instagram and Twitter feeds have also been posting about the cryptic countdown, but keeping quiet on the details. Since Typerium has always been known for its big ideas, we can only assume that it’s something huge.

What more could we expect from a company that’s building a multi-pronged platform that aims to revolutionise the creative world? With its intuitive design app, intellectual property protection, coin, marketplace and social media platform, Typerium has always thought on a grand scale.

As for the countdown? All we can do is speculate about what the company has in store for us.

The only way to find out is by waiting. So enter your email address for the notification, mark it on your calendar and set your alarms, because something exciting is happening.

If we got the maths right, then it’s the 29th of August, Thursday morning GMT, when everything will be revealed. Change is coming, but don’t hold your breath for the whole countdown — great things take time, and three months is a little too long to go without oxygen.

The clock is ticking… for the #SECONDCOMING.

Succeeding in the Cryptocurrency Market: 5 Secrets of Bitcoin Trading That No One Will Tell You

Where cryptocurrency trading and investing are concerned, some things don’t get discussed as often as they should. These forgotten factors may help grow your portfolio, or they could lead to frustration and financial ruin. Because there’s so much content posted every day, it can be difficult to focus on the most crucial developments. In this guide, we’ll cover five bitcoin trading secrets that most people won’t share.

Diversification: It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

At first look, this might seem like bad advice. Almost everywhere you go, you’ll hear advice such as “invest in more than one coin” and “try secured lending”. While the core message is a sound one —don’t over-commit —it’s not really applicable to cryptocurrency. The only real reasons to branch out are to buy more coins or to increase volume for greater gains in the future. Dividing your portfolio among various coins may slightly reduce the risk of a total loss, which is why it’s important to only invest what you can afford to lose.

Price Isn’t as Important as the Market Cap

Another mistake beginning traders make is to believe that short-term gains constitute a proven strategy. Most stories of astronomic success are typically the result of luck and a bullish altcoin market, and most moves are made when coins are at a low price. It’s vital to note that coin prices only become relevant after consideration of the total supply. When buying a coin, compare the purchase amount to the market cap, as it will determine the coin’s supply, scarcity, and long-term value.

Don’t Focus on the Absolute Price

In cryptocurrency trading, it’s critical to remember two things: that past performance does not indicate future performance, and to look for positive future values. These two factors have an overarching theme; to avoid taking the profits made from your portfolio unless the market has radically changed. A good rule to follow is to only invest 10-20% of your total disposable income, to avoid over-leveraging yourself. When we think about safe and passive income, we can get interested in staking coins. Platforms like MyCointainer provide an easy solution to earning from cryptocurrencies with no technical knowledge required.

Use a Crypto Trading Bot

As crypto markets are highly  volatile, there’s an increased interest in automated crypto trading bots like Bitcoin Era. These algorithmic trading bots are capable of making you millions and worth your consideration.

Being Right Isn’t the Most Important Goal

This fact is commonly overlooked by many cryptocurrency investors. Some traders get overly egotistic about the decision-making process and they lose their focus on profitability in favor of ‘being right’. Although being proven right may provide short-term comfort, looking for loopholes will bring longer-term profits.

The Worth of Any Crypto Should be Compared to BTC and USD

Though Bitcoin is far from the only crypto available, you should care about how other currencies compare to it. In the long term, it’s good to make trades that positively affect your Bitcoin value. This doesn’t mean you should focus exclusively on BTC; rather, it means that it’s time to improve the portfolio’s value as measured in Bitcoin. If the BTC value of your portfolio doesn’t increase, it may indicate that holding onto those Bitcoins is a good idea.

Closing Thoughts

Many people are reluctant to get into the cryptocurrency trading game because they’re not willing to put their faith into a currency they can’t see or touch, but the truth is, crypto may be the direction in which the world is headed. With a sound investment strategy and these little-known crypto trading secrets, you’ll find it easier to stay ahead of the game.


Award-winning novelist penned the world’s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency crime fiction

book3THEBTCCLOWNSSet in Shanghai, China, the home of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform and NEO Coin, the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the world at the moment, the novel Bitcoin Clowns tells the story of a young, talented programmer Jong He who plunged into the mysterious and dark world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies because of ‘PissCoin’, a new cryptocurrency he created in one evening as a joke to mock the ICO speculative madness happening around the world. Little did he know his invention would be quickly adopted and became the latest fad of the town, got backed by international bank, helped create the world’s first cryptocurrency Billionaire, and even attracted adoption from a slew of criminals including South American counterfeit drug cartel and anonymous Eurasian hackers slash Robbin-hoods. In the meantime, his cousin Cao had disappeared because of financial troubles at his company that sold ill-designed cryptocurrency funds of debatable legitimacy and his partner was found dead in the office after a client lost a huge amount of investments passing through their hands. His cousin’s other sketchy business partners were reluctant to tell him anything and law-enforcement was grossly unfamiliar with these new kinds of financial instruments to see through the thick plot of deception in front of them. Jong had to rely on his exceptional luck, incredible courage and loyalties of his friends once again to find his cousin and retrieve the missing millions.

Could Jong succeed, or would he be sacrificed and fade into obscurity in the latest, fiercest fight of the century on the digital realm for the kind of new digital gold and the power to control key businesses and perhaps even governments around the world?

The action-packed fiction told in first-person perspective follows Jong He, a highly intelligent but socially awkward Chinese programmer and his friends around the financial capital of the country for a cat-and-mouse chase in the biggest cryptocurrency heist of our time.

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on June 30th, 2018.

More about the author and the book series:
Vann Chow is a novelist from Hong Kong who writes stories about Asia and Asian cultures in English language. In 2015, her book Shanghai Nobody was featured on a popular Canadian book reading platform on the Top 20 General Fiction list for the most part of the year, and in 2016, her psychological thriller, The Pachinko Girl has been awarded the equivalent of an ‘Oscar’ by the same reading platform in the Hidden Gems category, beating over 140K other submissions.

Vann had previously worked in multiple research and development industry leaders around the world as an engineer and served for a short time as a consultant for Alibaba. The writer is well-versed in latest technologies and is active in the entrepreneurial scene despite the flourishing writing career. Alibaba’s Jack Ma was one of her most revered entrepreneurs from China and in her book Shanghai Fools, a story about fin-tech development gone haywire in an international bank, the writer made multiple references as a tribute to the business mogul’s incredible business and social vision. In the opening pages of Bitcoin Clowns, Vann had chosen to quote Jack Ma as well on his thoughts about cryptocurrencies as well.

Bitcoin Clowns was a Jong and Marvey adventure which was part of the Master Shanghai series. Each book in the series could be read independently. All the books in the Master Shanghai series so far have something to do with the advent of technologies and their impacts on the society. In Shanghai Nobody, it was online dating apps. In Shanghai Fools, it was the uprising of fin-tech utility and social-sharing apps. And in the latest new release, Vann has chosen to write about cryptocurrencies.

The writer also plans to release an actual copy of some of the blockchain technologies mentioned in the book should the write partners and resources could be mobilized to make the project a reality.