Growing Awareness of Mould Issues in the UK Encourages Homeowners and Tenants to Take Action.

A recent survey conducted by mould specialist company, Mould Removal London, reveals worrying statistics about the prevalence of mould in UK properties. The issue is a growing concern among residents in London and beyond, with over 62.38% of respondents reporting a mould issue in their property.

The survey shows that the problem is widespread across London, with the highest percentage of mould issues reported in South London (78.13%), followed by West London (63.64%), East London (59.38%), and North London (46.15%). Mould affects both tenants and homeowners, with 51.06% of tenants and 74.07% of homeowners experiencing mould issues.

The bathroom (68.35%) and bedroom (44.3%) are identified as the most common places for mould presence, and it is heartening to note that 87.24% of respondents are aware of the health risks associated with mould. In the past five years, 42.11% of respondents who do not currently have a mould issue have experienced one.

Mould is also prevalent in garden rooms, highlighting the importance of choosing the best garden room to avoid such issues. As more people consider adding garden rooms to their properties, understanding the risks of mould and taking preventive measures can help maintain a healthy and safe environment.

As awareness grows, 72.15% of respondents have taken steps to address the issue. Respondents who have had mould for more than a year are most likely to call a professional (31.25%). Dehumidifiers are a popular solution, with 51.49% of respondents having one in their home. Additionally, 80.20% of respondents have a good source of ventilation, and 50.5% have an air purifier in their home.

The UK Association of Mould Experts states, “Mould is not only an unsightly problem, but it can also lead to severe health issues if left unaddressed. It is essential for homeowners and tenants to take preventive measures and promptly tackle any mould issues they encounter in their properties, including garden rooms.”

To prevent mould from coming back, there are several methods homeowners and tenants can adopt. Ensuring good ventilation, using dehumidifiers and air purifiers, and regularly cleaning damp areas are crucial steps. Adding plants to the home can also be helpful, as seen in the 76.24% of respondents with plants in their homes. Another effective solution is to replaster walls using a local plastering service, which can help create a more mould-resistant surface.

With mould affecting the health and wellbeing of a significant portion of the population, it is crucial for individuals to take preventive measures and promptly address any issues that arise. As the awareness of mould problems increases in the UK, it is hoped that more people will take action to create healthier living environments for themselves and their families.

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