Texas rapper BiNG drops new album ‘At It Again’

HOUSTON, TX – Joseph Guillory, AKA BiNG, is an artist with a truly original sound. Unlike anything else out there in the world of Hip Hop, his use of distorted instrumentals paired with rhythmic flows creates an intriguing sound that is causing new listers all over the South to sit up and pay attention. And now with his new album “At It Again,” this Texas-based musician is offering a compilation of his works in an effort to share that one-of-a-kind sound with a wider global audience.

Featuring all of his best music to date with a couple of radio-ready tracks, “At It Again” shows off BiNG’s ability to turn a phrase and have fun with witty wordplay. His style is in-your-face and aggressive with a sound to match, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t come across as offensive or off-putting. Quite the contrary, really, as this Down South boy is really just a normal guy on the microphone sharing stories of his life in as creative of a way as he can.

“I use more of a futuristic tone to my music,” he said. ‘Sometimes it’s too far in the future for people to like. It’s a very progressive sound but at the end of the day, what I go for is something that sounds good. I’m gonna rap about a lot of different things – depression or being a player or just everyday things that happen in life. But ultimately, I’m trying to do something that sounds good and is enjoyable to people.”

BiNG first started writing music in the 90s and spent much of that decade developing his unique sound and style. He was inspired by the legendary crew Public Enemy, and has always been enamored by the hype energy of Flava Flave. He also studied greats like Tupac and Biggie, and found his own brand of swag by trying to emulate the swag of Biggie Smalls. One of the singles on his new album, “Raise Up,” is an homage to Biggie and even samples some of his style at certain points throughout the song.

“I came up dreaming of being a one-hit wonder, and there is power in that when you own the rights,” BiNG said. “I’m 41 now and I’ve decided to take my music more public because I’m getting ‘Do it’ and ‘Oh, it’s good comments from Rap lovers who hear my stuff. I’m in it for the pussy and the money. I have a love for black women. I’m a mad man who started out in a mad clan after solo writings, and I’m a one-man clan now. I’m loud and in your face and flipping and have more wordplay than you know what to do with.”

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Two Long-Awaited New Albums from Louise Rutkowski

Enigmatic singer-songwriter Louise Rutkowski is set to release her new album, Home.

It’s been six years since music lovers had the pleasure of Louise’s distinctive vocals and the hotly anticipated new material has been worth the wait.  Uniquely, Louise is offering her fans two editions of the recording – an acoustic version is also available featuring completely different interpretations of each track.

“Home is the product of where I am now in mid-life, both as a musician and as a person.  It encapsulates who and what really matters to me, ways of living I’ve walked away from, and the return to the person I have always been despite difficult life experiences.  Home Acoustic exposes the fragility of that experience by stripping the songs back, but also the positivity.”

Louise, who rose to prominence as part of the 4AD music project, This Mortal Coil, released her first solo album back in 2014.

Three years in the making, Home was made possible by a crowd-funding scheme, and Louise, 56, hopes to attract a new following as well as satisfying her faithful fans. The album, which was co-written and produced with musician, Irvin Duguid, is an exciting mix of emotive tracks – a harmonious fusion of Louise’s powerful, melodic vocals with classic synthesiser sounds, strings and live drums.

Both versions of the forthcoming album, Home are due for release on 9 October 2020 and available for pre-order now.

All available on iTunes, Apple Music and all major digital platforms.
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Twitter:              @louiserutkowski

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BPSOCA Music Teams Up With UK Songwriters and Artists to Release Caribbean Music for the UK market

London, England, August 21, 2020: BPSOCA Music, a new UK record label that works to elevate the Caribbean culture within the UK music industry, including Soca, Dancehall, and Reggaeton genres, this week announced they are partnering with UK producers, artists, and songwriters for upcoming releases.

BPSOCA Music recognize that street carnivals, such as Notting Hill Carnival, are the spotlight for Caribbean music and as such, they aim for their music artists to release music in time for the popular carnivals worldwide. BPSOCA Music is working hard to make a name for Caribbean culture in England today.

“For far too long, the music scene in England has been a homogenous collection of rock and pop hits that just don’t do anything for the Caribbean community,” said Gareth Sinnerine, Founder and Owner of BPSOCA Music. “Those of us here with Caribbean and African heritage deserve to have our music elevated and accessible for our communities. That’s what inspired us to partner with these musicians.”

With approximately 264,125 Caribbean-born citizens living in England and Wales, as well as 2,542 living in Scotland and 314 living in North Ireland, the Caribbean community has become increasingly influential in British society. Additionally, in a 2011 census, about 1.9 million people, or 3% of the UK population, said they identify as black/Caribbean/Afro-Caribbean.

“We are witnessing a worldwide movement that is shedding light on the need for inclusion and diversity in all aspects of society today,” said Sinnerine. “We believe that through our record label, we can make Caribbean culture a staple in the UK music industry moving forward. Caribbean music has been influencing the hits and singles we consume today for decades.”

Sinnerine also has an events company called BPSOCA Entertainment that showcases UK and International talent that will work in conjunction with BPSOCA Music.

The BPSOCA Music platform will officially launch this Friday August 20th for users everywhere. They are asking all Caribbean music producers and industry participants to contact them for continued musical development and releases.

About BPSOCA Music

BPSOCA Music is a subsidiary of Bacchanal Promotions Limited, with a focus on Caribbean artists, producers, and songwriters in the UK. The platform is on a mission to make Caribbean culture a “staple in the UK music industry moving forward”. More than just a musical engine, BPSOCA Music Limited is hoping to inspire a countrywide movement that sheds light on the important contributions of the British-Afro-Caribbean community.

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ZØLTAN Drops ‘Hey World’, New Song and Music Video

ZØLTAN celebrates the power of a smile through his music video for ‘Hey World’, his brand new single. There’s also a manifesto in the visual, an encouragement for all independent artists.

”The message of ‘Hey World’ has two dimensions. The first one speaks about the power of an unexpected smile and the revelation of forgiveness. The second one reflects on the need for perseverance on the part of independent artists in the Covid-19 context and it calls for resistance.”, declares ZØLTAN, the author of the song.

The story’s about a wicked man who comes from the depths and is wondering how it is possible that life should treat him well. He expects the worst, but he gets a smile from the world, as if from a by-passing stranger. He’s treated well. There’s always more than we can imagine when we carry the burden of guilt. In such cases, forgiveness and grace can be of great help.

The ‘Hey World’ video was directed by Vlad Cătană / ColorS Media.

Zoltan Sebestyen is an Eastern European storyteller/songwriter & bass player from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. An enigmatic artist with a sensitive lyricism, his songs are built on poetic lyrics with a strong spiritual dimension. ZØLTAN is an Art Pop project with poetic lyrics. It incorporates the sounds of contemporary urban culture, such as the ‘sounds of heritage’: pop/electropop elements and symphonic orchestral arrangements.

After ‘Black Christmas’, released on the 6th of December 2019, ‘Hey World’ is the second single from a 5 songs Ep by ZØLTAN, destined for 2020.

Find ‘Hey World’ here:

Media Contact Details

Kibo Norbert
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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New Music Hit: Boombamontana – Circus

Boombamontana is a producer masked duo from Greece. Their debut single “Bunda”, which marked Kiwibash’s debut release, in collaboration with Panik Records, has amassed 4M views on YouTune and 400K streams across all streaming platforms, peaked at #3 on the Greek trending YouTube charts and reached #2 of the Greek Shazam charts.

In regards to the promotion of their upcoming single “Circus”, we have already confirmed its place as the Festival Anthem of the 2020 Colour Day Festival in Athens. Colour Day marks one of the largest Greek festivals, featuring performances by some of the biggest stars of the country and nearby regions, as well as about 40k attendees.
The 3D animated was directed by the world-famous director John Katehis, nominated for Grammt Awards, in collaboration with Orfeas Antoulinakis, produced by Crystal View.

Find “Circus” here:

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Spotify Protest Album Provides Welcome Relief From Brexit!

World Record breaking indie band The Pocket Gods continue their protest against Spotify for their paltry royalties for artists & songwriters, with another album of 100 songs all 30 seconds long this time they’re all about Brexit!

The album consists of 100 ambient and relaxing tracks all 30 seconds long and with funny Brexit related titles such as: “We Don’t Need Another Nero”. “Splitter Remain Implosion”, “Brexiteers Of The UK Unite (Ironically)” & “Aaron W*nkroller” it will soothe your soul, make you chuckle and allow you to escape the Brexit madness for a while!

As well as being an artists commentary on the state of Brexit it’s part of the band’s continuing protest against lack of royalties for artists and songwriters from streaming services such as Spotify.

This is the band’s 8th album now in the series of 100X30 albums – which are all 100 tracks all 30 seconds long – the reason behind the 30 second song is that Spotify pay out a minuscule royalty of 0.007p per stream to an artist after a track is played for 30 seconds – and then no more.

So The Pocket Gods thought why record songs longer than 30 seconds if you’re only going to be paid a pittance anyway?

This campaign has led the band gaining an official Guinness World Record for their albums for most digital tracks on an album! The band also have their own movie out now on Amazon Prime which has been described as an indie Spinal Tap and has already made it into IMDB’s list of the top 40 Rockumentaries ever made!

The album is out now worldwide on all major streaming services. You can hear the album here: For interviews, exclusives and sessions please email:

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Suburban Symphony release hard hitting single “Cutbacks” via The Animal Farm Music

Suburban Symphony have released their first offering since the success of their self-titled debut album in September 2017. The track is called “Cutbacks”, and lyrically coupled with the music video analysing societal issues in the UK; Suburban Symphony have released a wake-up call.

The video covers a range of UK social issues such as homelessness, food banks, corporate greed, knife crime, capitalism, and animal cruelty; some people would say it’s an accurate representation of the times we live in today.

While continually writing and performing a manic gigging schedule, in October 2019 the band decided to get back in the studio. This time they took a more productive approach and recorded three singles in a weekend with The Animal Farm Music (as opposed to a full album). The band agreed on a deal with the London company, and have finally released the first of the bunch with two more singles to be released in 2019.

Cutbacks are available to buy or stream now on all major digital platforms. The observational lyrics being of the current political landscape don’t hold much positivity but mixed with the key of D Major the song results in being an anthemic song for the people.

“We decided to release “Cutbacks” as the first single with the relevance of current events and an uncertain Brexit in the UK. I think we’re all sick of hearing about it and the constant propaganda, and it all helped me to write the lyrics in no time” – Tony Edwards (Lead singer)

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Biggest Christian TV Streaming Network Launching April 21

A team of highly committed professionals whose combined media experience exceeds 100 years are starting a revolution. Their mandate is to win one billion people to Christ through a new brand of TV that will stream the message of Jesus Christ into every nation, a feat never before accomplished.

WhatTV is not just a catchy phrase, but also an acronym that carries deep meaning: World healing and transformation. Their brand name —What, is also a question, conveying the approach of answering important questions from a Christian worldview. In essence, WhatTV gives answers to ‘what’ people are looking for through innovative TV media (stories, news, shows, music, vlogs, etc.), which promotes healing and transformation.

Since no single channel can serve the media interests of the entire world, WhatTV are launching multiple channels, each one serving the cultural needs of every region of the world. From their flagship studio in Boston, MASS (Boston’s only Christian TV station), they are producing content for their North American, Latin American and Arabic channels. Content for their South Asian channel is produced from Birmingham, England, while content for their Russian, Persian, Hellenic and Turkish channels will be produced from their Cyprus studio by early 2020. To cover the rest of the world, two additional studios are planned by the end of 2020; one in London for the UK, Europe, and African regions, and the other in Thailand for the East Asian region.

About the Team

Dr. James Sideras – President
With 25 years business experience, James earned his doctorate at the University of Hertfordshire after growing his own award winning UK business. James also travels the nations as a Christian evangelist.

Brandt Gillespie – Executive Director
With 30 years media experience, Brandt produced and hosted programs for “The 700 Club” and “100 Huntley Street,” Canada’s most widely viewed Christian daily talk show.

Rick Kay – Creative Director
With over 25 years media experience, Rick co-pioneered two of the largest Christian TV channels in Europe.

Danny Choranji – South Asia Director
Danny was with the BBC for 13 years as both presenter and producer. He won a national award for his Asian family program ‘Eastern Beat’ and his musical band, DCS, won double platinum.