Over 800,000 creative sector workers face redundancy as the industry shifts towards ‘outsourcing’

Over 800,000 workers in the UK creative sector are at risk of redundancy as businesses shift to ‘outsourcing’

In the UK creative sector, over 1.75 million full time equivalent jobs are supported, across marketing, advertising, and the events industry. With half of previously furloughed staff in the UK now returned to work, either part-time or full time, this puts more than 800,000 jobs at risk of redundancy in coming months: comments David Blackburn of www.MarketingQuotes.co.uk

Current research shows that 46% of companies previously employing in-house marketing teams are now planning to outsource their marketing needs, rather than retain staff currently on furlough. The sector employs more than 1.75 million staff across marketing, advertising and event sectors. With consumer confidence at an all time low, and businesses stalled since lockdown, British businesses are struggling to regain pre-Covid business levels.

In both B2B and B2C sectors, approximately 89% of marketers admit to reviewing and delaying their market spends for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, with over 80% having paused a new product or service launch for the foreseeable future. As a result, with revenues diminished, end users are cutting back on ‘in-house’ skills and ‘out-sourcing’ as the new normal, on a ‘when required’ basis. With agency staff also be moving from furlough with the consequences of diminished requirement in-agency, ending up on the jobs market with little hope of re-employment, the real fear is the UK will create a ‘talent mountain’.

The consumer-facing marketing sector has been hardest hit with 44% of all staff being made redundant and 57% of marketers have had their roles scaled back in some form or another, whereas the B2B sector has seen 25% redundancies as well as 64% of roles changing in some way.

David Blackburn, founder of Marketing Quotes comments, “We work with over 30,000 creatives in the UK. As consumer and business confidence continues to suffer B2B and B2C marketers are being hit equally hard, with 69% in both sectors reporting a slackening of demand for their brands’ products and services. With commercial TV advertising revenues slumping by 50% in the months of June and July, the potential outcome will be a ‘talent-mountain’ which may see marketers exiting the industry for good.”

Written by: David Blackburn, founder of Marketing Quotes, providing businesses with FIVE Agency Quotes for FREE. E: support@marketingquotes.co.uk W: www.MarketingQuotes.co.uk

*Source information – Statista.com / Econsultancy / Marketing Quotes / BBC

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What is outsourcing?

Alt="Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brainstorming and programming in website working a software outsourcing and coding technology, writing codes and database."

Nowadays, we hear more and more often about outsourcing. But do we know what this process means? Most people would doubtless answer “yes”. Outsourcing means to distribute specific internal processes of a company to a third part, by reallocating resources, and it is used in various industries from software development to legal.

We, at AROBS, are in the business of IT outsourcing, from 1998.

But outsourcing is more than what we described above. Outsourcing solves many problems within companies, supporting both managers and employees. This process appeared in the spectrum of business development decades ago. Lately, its advantages have been more recognized, which is why this domain is so evolved and varied, constantly adapting to the needs of partners.

Why outsourcing?

Because it simplifies the work, saving time and money. Interviews, training of new employees, salaries will be the responsibility of the partner. Thus, each company can focus on the principal activity, investing in top quality and performance. The major advantage of outsourcing is that you can choose the partner with whom you want to collaborate to complete your project. You must base this choice on concrete data and thorough expertise. The first thing you will have to make is choosing the type of outsourcing, more specifically, offshore – in foreign countries – or near-shore – for example, neighboring countries, with the same time zone. The most important choice for outsourcing is still to choose the partner – the best orientation is always to specialized companies, with teams of experts.

From small to large, companies use outsourcing, for example, to keep accounting records. However, outsourcing is most often used in IT, providing high efficiency and performance.

Why AROBS for IT outsourcing?

Firstly, for the known performances and high-quality services. Founded in 1998 in Cluj Napoca, AROBS has become one of the best outsourcing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, offering both offshore and near-shore services. AROBS has specialized teams of software developers, comprising juniors and seniors. The quality of provided services is globally recognized by ISO certification, a large portfolio of successful projects and good expertise. Moreover, AROBS will be a reliable partner which will adapt to your needs, providing the best solutions for your company. What about costs, AROBS offers a perfect ratio between price and quality. For more information, visit the AROBS website.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping / Accounting

Outsourcing Accounting Functions Benefits Businesses
Bracknell, UK – March 2020 – According to Transcosmos, 59 % of the companies that outsource reduce their operating costs Mark Pereira of MW Accounting Services explains why businesses should outsource their accounting services:
“My number one piece of advice to any business owner is to delegate everything you don’t need to do. Focus your efforts on the stuff you can’t yet hand over. Then one day you’ll be able to hand over the lot, getting your just rewards for all that hard work.
A great starting point in this process is to outsource your bookkeeping. Cloud-based software has made this easier to do than ever before. It just so happens that we can take care of this for you.

MW Accounting Services is one of the most trusted providers of accounting services in Bracknell, Berkshire. We have accounting experts who work with a variety of businesses. The firm uses automated and continuous accounting techniques to increase a business’s internal accounting efficiency.

There are many benefits to outsourcing internal accounting functions. When an organisation initially decides there is a need for internal accounting functions, they may not be able to justify full-time staffing. Using the outsourcing option provides access to consultants with expertise in a variety of areas and right-size staffing based upon the accounting needs of the organisation. Thus, one of the key benefits of outsourcing is to fill gaps in areas of technical expertise. Other organisations may prefer to use external firms to handle their internal accounting functions due to a shortage of certified internal accountants.

Some businesses may require their chief accounting executive to wear multiple hats, resulting in backlog issues. However, these businesses can have a bookkeeper, an accounting manager, a controller, and an oversight CFO for a reasonable cost. If you wanted those experts in-house, you’d have to hire three or four individuals, which is very costly. So, outsourcing is helpful because it cuts down on the cost and time that it would take for the client to hire a bookkeeper and then find a CPA who has auditing experience. Also, outsourcing accounting services expose a firm to the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

According to MW Accounting Services, “a business that relies on one person isn’t really a business at all.”

Bracknell, Berkshire,
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Email: ask@mw-accounts-services.uk

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Top Ways to Save Time on Business Processes

The saying ‘time is money’ certainly rings true in a business environment, and there are often many hours wasted during everyday business processes that contribute to a loss in overall revenue. There are several ways to speed up the way each department works in your business, and often, technology plays an integral part in making tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. It may be that your business is stuck in a rut of the same workers carrying out the same jobs since they did when they started the company but times change, and so do the needs of the business. 

Innovation is vital on all levels, from human input to technological improvements. This can sometimes cause conflict due to the intervention of automated systems to carry out jobs that were once undertaken by people, but for businesses to survive, it is often a necessary progression.

If your company is looking to develop faster processes and save both time and money in the long-term, take a look at how you can achieve this.


This is one of the most popular ways for businesses to save time during everyday processes. There are often things that can be done more efficiently if they are consolidated and automated. Although workers may view this as a negative aspect towards their position in a company, it actually gives them the chance to move onto better and more productive things in the team. Automation should be seen as a support to business functions rather than a replacement.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This effective system is designed to help your business manage the interactions you have with your customers. Traditionally, salespeople who create a database of leads and customers information use this type of platform. In modern business, CRM systems are utilised by a variety of departments to streamline practices and monitor progress. This technology can help to build a range of information, including contact details, analytics, sales information and project notes. With these insights, each team is able to identify areas that may require a boost and tailor marketing efforts to target subsets of the database. Implementing this system into your company can provide invaluable information and will offer you the chance to understand your customer base thoroughly.


Some businesses require the expertise of people that they cannot find in their immediate talent pool. There could also be projects that do not need long-term workers to bring a campaign to fruition. In these cases, outsourcing services is a great way to save time and money on business processes. Hiring the help of off-site professionals can free the company up to concentrate on the day-to-day activities with less interruption.

This type of service could also support the functions of existing teams that do not have the resources to spare. Good examples include lead generation, as this takes up valuable time, which may not have immediate benefits for the business. So using outsourced services can help build a contact list to target without the need to spend hours researching for the right contacts. 

Using analytics to understand your audience

Some companies find it difficult to attribute how effective marketing is in relation to overall sales figures if analytics have not been configured correctly. Implementing and monitoring detailed analytics will ensure you understand how each visitors interacts with your website and brand, plus it showcases their buying and browsing behaviours so that you can tailor the user experience. This data is also useful for providing areas of improvement and detailing where people may be exiting the site more frequently. Optimising this information can create targeted marketing plans, which will help improve return on investment.

Project management software

A great way to streamline every department is by using a project management tool. This software helps to track every element of a process and builds a picture of the performance of a project. With this data, you can identify issues in the chain and work with people to resolve them quickly and efficiently to speed up the process. This is ideal for all types of projects from web development where you need full visibility of a particular working process such as the Spiral Model approach found here https://www.intellectsoft.net/blog/spiral-model-sdlc/ or the journey of a product from sale to delivery. Project management tools also give greater visibility to everyone who has a vested interest in the task. 

If you’re looking to free up more time and save money in your business, looking at your processes is an ideal place to start. By implementing some changes, you are likely to see great results for the long-term health of the company.