Football Score Predictions: How to Predict Results More Accurately

Predicting football scores is both an art and a science, combining factors ranging from a team’s history and playing style to the specific players involved in a game, the opposing team’s style of play and a variety of other variables.

It’s also part luck — no matter how much you know about football, some of your best predictions will be lucky breaks, while others will be the result of bad luck on the day.

However, like all sports, it’s possible to make more accurate football score predictions by using a range of tactics and techniques. We’ve listed some football score prediction tactics below to help you make more informed, accurate predictions about game scores and results.


Check the odds before you make a prediction

Football odds don’t always match up to reality, but they’re almost always the closest source of information you can find to the actual game day scores.

If you’re interested in betting on a game, it’s always worth looking at the odds before making a prediction on which team is likely to win. Bookmakers have great research teams, and they can often form a great “base” of knowledge for making your own score predictions.

Think the odds are wrong? By all means, make your own bold prediction — sometimes, there’s a chance you could be right. However, it’s always important to study the odds to learn what others think is likely to occur during a game.


Study each team’s specific history

There’s much more to predicting football scores than just assuming a “strong” team will always beat a “weak” one. From differences in play style to certain players, many teams have specific strengths that only become apparent when they’re matched against the right opponents.

This makes it important to study each team’s competitive history before making any predictions about match scores. Some teams might not be dominant in general, but still have the right type of approach to come out victorious in a competitive, challenging match.


Bet on value, not necessarily the best team

One of the most common football score prediction and betting mistakes is always aiming to bet on the strongest team, rather than the best value.

Even when faced against a less effective team, the best team in the league isn’t always going to win. Draws happen, and even losses can occur, given the right combination of confidence and skill on the part of the other team.

As a result, it’s always best to view your football score predictions and betting as betting on the value on offer, not just the winning team. Instead of just thinking about wins and losses, look for opportunities where a team’s chance of winning might be understated or undervalued.


Be prepared for unpredictability

Even the most accurate predictions will be wrong sometimes, making it important that you’re always prepared to deal with the results of an unexpected loss or surprise victory.

Football is an exciting, spontaneous game. Even the best teams have their bad days, meaning it’s all too possible for a team you might never have thought of as a winner to pick up a victory from a tough game.

In short, be prepared for unpredictability. No matter how confident you are in a prediction, it’s always important to stay aware of the possibility that you could be surprised by a result.

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