App, App and Away! Zero to Superhero Business Skill Helps Start-Ups Grow

(photo)Graham Jules, creator of the Zero to Superhero Business Skill

How To Start Your Own Business?
Entrepreneur’s Amazon Alexa App Now Helps Start-ups To Grow

the all-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Silver Finish
the all-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Silver Finish

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to build a start-up? If so, an artificial intelligent app for Amazon’s Echo may be the solution. For those not in the know, Amazon’s Echo is a voice activated digital assistant and smart speaker powered by artificial intelligence.

The developer is entrepreneur and legal graduate Graham Jules, famously known for his brush with Superman creators Marvel and DC over the title of his start-up book “Business Zero To Superhero”. Now Jules has upped his game further and created an Alexa skill (Amazon’s word for app) called, “Zero To Superhero Business Skill” that you can query for business advice, get stock quotes, work out loan repayments, calculate V.A.T, work out the price of Bitcoin, perform company searches and more.

Amazon’s voice recognition technology has gained traction, it is estimated 9% of homes (2017) have an Amazon smart speaker and that figure is set to grow to 40% in 2019. *

Jules says, “Having the skill certified by Amazon was not easy, but it’s worth it. This is exciting technology and is a great fit for my mission to help the little guy and help them grow. Following my success in gaining the right to use the trade mark Zero To Superhero, I am excited to unleash this to the start-up community for free.

The free skill can be used on its own or in conjunction with the book Business Zero To Superhero by saying a few simple phrases such as, “Alexa, ask zero superhero, how do I start my own business?”
Jules added, “this is just the beginning, expect the eco-system to grow with exciting developments in AI and voice coming soon.”

The skill can be downloaded here

Business Zero To Superhero, the book is now available on:


For updates and to register your interest go to:


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