Companies and Technologies That Will Impact Gaming in 2019

Companies and Technologies That Will Impact Gaming in 2019

Since the evolution of video gaming, this technology has kept on improving to adapt to the latest technological trends, and user requests. In this rather short period, we’ve managed to go a long way. Analyzing the past, we can only predict how much better gaming is going to get in the following decades.

The technologies that could completely revolutionize gaming are many. In the current stage, most of them are just prototypes and concepts. We still have a long road ahead of us, before we can have stable and widely adopted games built upon these various emerging technologies.

However, there’s a handful of already existing technologies that could actually be implemented in the near future. The following year, 2019 might represent a cornerstone period for the world of gaming. The following technologies have the possibility to change gaming soon thanks to the companies that back them up.

Google Stadia and Cloud Gaming

Even if cloud gaming is a completely independent technology from Google, we strongly believe that Google is the company to take this technology mainstream. Many other major gaming companies have tried developing cloud gaming platforms but none of them has managed to accomplish yet what Google has promised to.

Not long ago, Google has announced its Stadia cloud gaming platform, which will make gaming available for a lot more people. They are promising the possibility of playing any high-specification games, without the need for special gaming hardware.

Through their platform, users would be able to play games from their laptops, PCs, phones, and even smart TVs, without the need of any special console, or other hardware. By simply having installed a Google Stadia extension in their Google Chrome browsers people would be able to access a large library of games.

Even if at first glance Stadia might look like it’s only made for games with high-graphics, the platform and its implementation could be used for all types of games. Take for example the online casino games, they are already available on most platforms and easily accessible to people but they could still benefit greatly from Google Stadia.

Imagine being able to gamble with some of your favorite streamers, and maybe even professional gamblers, directly through Google Stadia. This platform could allow people to gamble for entertainment with their friends. Unlike other gaming platforms where you can only hope that you’ll end up in a game with a friend, on Stadia users could plan multiplayer gameplay with their friends alone.

Many have tried accomplishing this so far but, because they were lacking a strong-enough infrastructure their cloud gaming platforms were never revolutionizing. However, because Google owns the most amount of data centers spread across the whole planet they can ensure a connection to their Stadia platform basically from anywhere in the world.

They are promising that people will be able not to only play quality games from their browsers but, directly from YouTube. If a user is watching a clip about a game, they would be able to access that game directly. Moreover, gamers would even be able to join their favorite streamers in live games.

Only a few days ago, Google has made a live demonstration of their platform on stage; the quality of their gaming streaming service was looking flawless. Because of their world-spread infrastructure of servers, Google is the company able to take cloud gaming mainstream. The release of their Stadia platform scheduled for 2019 is promising to revolutionize cloud gaming and make it work.

Unreal and Quality Graphics

Another tech company that is making big promises for 2019 is Unreal. They are certainly going to accomplish some great things this year through their Unreal Engine platform.

Unreal has built the perfect infrastructure that allows other game developers to create video games that have an insanely high level of graphics.

Dozens of games have already been announced for 2019, and dozens more are about to get announced in the following months. Big titles with quality graphics are going to be developed on the Unreal Engine 4.

The best part is that all of those quality games and many more are going to be compatible with the Google Stadia mentioned above. Stadia is already supporting Unreal Engine 4, and many more other big game developing engines.

Even if gaming niches like gambling might not benefit directly from engines like Unreal and their graphics, these quality games will push the whole gaming environment forward. By bringing more users into the gaming world thorough real graphics, even niches like gambling that don’t rely on highly complex graphics would benefit.


The implementation of a Cloud Gaming Platform that supports all major game developing engines and their high-quality games will surely revolutionize the gaming environment in 2019. Cloud Gaming and better graphics are two of the technologies that will surely be present in the gaming market this year, and the years to come.