The Three Entrepreneurial Superpowers

Entrepreneurialism, when you think about it, is similar to the hero’s journey, otherwise known as the monomyth as described by Joseph Campbell. First, a call to action is heard or felt. Then, the individual leaves the comfort of what they know (a regular job, for instance), and braces the unknown. They come into contact with many challenges, which they must face forthrightly or become consumed. Then, after a hard-won battle, they grab the prize and return home with it, perhaps stronger, richer, or wiser.

But in order to prepare for the journey, the hero must equip themselves appropriately. A sword and shield may be the vital tools of a time gone by, but for us, in the corporate world, these items have little use (and could cause more trouble than it’s worth). So, what should we arm ourselves with? How are we supposed to progress on our own heroes journey, a tale as old as time, without knowing how to start off? 

You’re in the right place. We would totally recommend the following tools:

Great Timekeeping

Timekeeping should be considered an essential skill for any entrepreneur to build, because not only does it allow for continual organization, but also the ability to focus on what really matters. With a calendar template at your side, you’ll likely be able to approximate the best results, particularly if you syncronize said calendar with your note keeping applications such as Evernote or other planning apps. Timekeeping, down to the hour and day, can help you squeeze the most productivity out of each day and thus also afford more time for a worthwhile work/life balance. That, in itself, can be a worthwhile approach to take.

Careful Organization

Careful organization is also extremely important, and is a natural consequence of great timekeeping. Ensuring your files and folders are well indexed and labeled, that you use the best cloud services to give you secure access to your files, that you have presented and pitches carefully worked out beforehand will all give you the chance to better your approach and thus approximate the best developments going forward. Simply ‘having it together’ can give you great credence in the eyes of investors, potential business partners, and own peace of mind. For that reason, it should be likened to a superpower.

Confident Networking

Confident networking can help you not only meet people, but retain those relationships, and maybe even help them or have them help you in the future. Often in business it’s not how skilled you are, or how intelligent you may be, but how well-liked and trusted by others that can synch the deal, give you access to opportunities and allow you to join on teams. This means that refining your affable, intelligent, confident social approach can be an important entrepreneurial skill, even if running your own outfit, as these are vital skills for any leader.

With this approach, we hope you can practice the best three entrepreneurial superpowers.