Zerp Tracker by Dev Null Productions

Zerp Tracker by Dev Null Productions


Dev Null Productions is pleased to announce the general availability of their latest product, Zerp Tracker, now accessible at https://zerptracker.com

Zerp Tracker is an XRPL transaction monitoring tool that allows users to create persistent server-side alerts to be notified of transactions of interest via email, SMS, and webhooks. A user simply signs up for an account and sets up filters to match the types of activity they are interested in, Zerp Tracker will take care of the rest.

– Monitor accounts for incoming and outgoing transactions
– Watch scammers’ accounts so as to immediately notify law enforcement when transactions are sent to an exchange
– Track particular currencies and order books for subsequent algorithmic trading execution.
– Watch for money flow and volume pattens
– Many more possibilities

Dev Null Productions invites the general public to sign up for a free account at https://zerptracker.com. The interface has been designed with easy-to-use and intuitivity in mind. Zerp Tracker fulfills a much needed role for an account and transaction monitoring tool not satisfied by any other utility in the sector.

About Dev Null Productions

Dev Null Productions is the leading provider of XRP data and intelligence services. XRP is the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is being adopted by financial institutions and payment providers worldwide for cross border remittances. Dev Null Productions’ solutions in the sector are focused on delivering high quality and robust tools and services for use by institutions and enthusiasts alike. You can find our more at https://devnull.network

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