Keep Your Cool Over Yule! BAAM’s Seven Ways to Avoid a Christmas Day Argument

Plus More Free Resources for Surviving a Holiday Like No Other.

The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) is offering complimentary anger management coaching resources in the run-up to a unique Christmas.

BAAM founder ‘Anger Guru’ Mike Fisher, author of Beating Anger, is available for interviews before and during the holiday period.

Anyone concerned about stress and anger levels in their household can engage with the free tutorials on the BAAM website.

Our anger management coaches have put together a Christmas 2020 Family Row First Aid Kit featuring seven ways to avoid a Christmas Day bust-up.

Web visitors also have access to our Keep Calm this Christmas guide, A to Z of Surviving Christmas, and Coping with the Christmas Blues resources.

Christmas Day is usually fraught as it is. From ‘optimism bias’ (thinking it’s going to be more fun than it ever turns out to be) to ‘schemas’ (reverting to childhood relationships dynamics), the most Wonderful Time of the Year sets itself up to be anything but. Throw in frustrations that have built up over lockdown and you might as well swap your paper crown for a tin hat.

The average family begins its first row at 9.59am on Christmas morning. Tempers flare a further five times, usually over traditional flash points like what to watch on TV and levels of alcohol consumption.

We can all prepare for any trouble by putting ourselves in the right mindset before the ‘big day’, and adopting the correct behaviour once the Bucks Fizz starts flowing.

Focus on solutions to any disagreements, rather than addressing the symptoms or certainly using them as a chance to join in the conflict and ‘act out’ yourself. Be aware of historic family flash points and steer the conversation in another direction when they inevitably appear.

Get used to the fact that not everyone shares your views on how they should behave on Christmas Day. And remember that getting in the swing works wonders for the group mindset: so eat your sprouts and say a warm ‘thank you’ for any unwanted presents. Monitor your alcohol intake and never raise your voice.

Equally, BAAM urges Britons to remember that inappropriate shouting and ranting – ‘active aggressions’ – are not the only forms of toxic rage. Examples of passive aggression include manipulation, provoking others, and mild but intentional anti-social behaviour.

Combine these topical tips with BAAM’s NHS-approved anger and stress management programme for a chance to reach Boxing Day without moving into a Travelodge. Which is no place to enjoy Christmas.

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About BAAM

The British Association of Anger Management was formed in 1999. It is considered the UK’s most trusted and successful anger management agency having treated over 20,000 people. BAAM has won various awards including CV Magazine’s Best Mental Health IPO in 2018, 2019 and 2020. BAAM’s courses apply the most relevant aspects of established psychological science to encourage self-examination, self-knowledge, and fundamental positive change. 95% of BAAM’s clients have never experienced any form of therapy before. Many are referred via the workplace or family support teams. Patients are taught techniques to control inappropriate temper outbursts. They are also taught to read and communicate their own emotions more effectively, creating more harmonious relationships with their colleagues, friends and loved ones.

 About Mike Fisher

‘Anger Guru’ Mike Fisher, ‘the brains behind BAAM’ has over 33 years experience in the field of personal and professional development. He’s considered one of the leading experts in the field of anger management worldwide, and makes regular appearances in the UK and international mainstream media. Mike’s TV credits include Big Brother’s Little Brother, BBC1’s Violent Fathers, BBC3’s Can’t Stop losing My Cool, C5’s Beat It: Angry with My Father and many more. His book Beating Anger (2005) has sold over 70,000 copies in the UK alone. The sequel, Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger, is also published internationally.

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