Swansea City AFС Enters the Cryptocurrency Space Via Partnership With Mercuryo

Fintech Company Mercuryo supports Swansea City as its exclusive cryptocurrency partner on the way to the Premier League

2020 was an excellent year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that have  led to the considerable growth of the industry. As a result, the sports scene is increasingly embracing digital assets. As a first mover, the Welsh football club Swansea City has already seized the opportunity and struck a key partnership with the fintech company Mercuryo.

Being one of the oldest Welsh football clubs, Swansea City AFC currently ranks second in the English Football League Championship with 46 points. The clubs taking the first two places during the championship will play the next season in the UK’s prominent Premier League.

To support Swansea City on its way to the Premier League, the football club has partnered with the fintech company Mercuryo. Operating a leading digital asset payments service in Europe that serves over 600,000 consumers and 180 businesses, Mercuryo will sponsor Swansea City’s home matches in the 2020-21 season as the team’s exclusive cryptocurrency partner. With a seamless fiat-to-crypto payment gateway and two flagship products – a digital asset wallet and a widget – Mercuryo’s mission is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible for everyone on the globe.

“We would like to welcome Mercuryo into our club partnership portfolio for this season. We are excited to work together with our new partner to achieve excellent results on our way to the Premier League,” Rebecca Edwards-Symmons, Swansea City’s head of commercial, said.

Aside from becoming Swansea City’s official cryptocurrency sponsor, Mercuryo will have a number of additional benefits during the 2020-21 season. These include company advertisements aired on SwansTV, posts in the club’s social media, a partnership match, placement of Mercuryo logo on LED boards around the perimeter of the field during each home match, etc.

“The partnership between Mercuryo and Swansea City signifies the union of sports and technology. Sharing the same values – determination, teamwork, performance – it’s an excellent opportunity to connect the fans of two vibrant communities. Swansea is a brilliant club, and we are thrilled to support them on their way to the Premier League,” says Petr Kozyakov, Mercuryo’s co-founder and CBDO.

Combining the enthusiasm of sports and the innovation of technology, Swansea City and Mercuryo are determined to achieve their goals together in the 2020-21 season.

About Mercuryo

Founded in 2018, Mercuryo is a global cross-border payments network that allows businesses to send and receive transactions for products and services using cryptocurrencies. With offices in Tallinn and London, the firm operates a leading digital asset payment gateway in Europe. In addition to a fast-growing customer base of over 600,000 users, Mercuryo has partnerships with prominent crypto enterprises, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Trezor, Bithumb, and over 180 market-makers. With ambitious plans to scale up globally, the company closed a €2.5m seed funding in 2020 led by a significant international VC fund, Target Global. In January 2021, Mercuryo expanded its services to the US.

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