5 Eye-Popping Renovation Ideas for Your Home

5 Eye-Popping Renovation Ideas for Your Home

There are plenty of home renovation articles on how to fix up your place on a budget, but what if you already like your house the way it is and you’re looking for something spectacular to really set it apart? Whether you’re looking to wow visitors or just create something that nudges the place you live a little closer to your dream house, the suggestions below are all unusual ways to put your stamp on your home.

Add an Elevator

If you think elevators are only for commercial buildings and mansions, think again. Installing perfect home elevators can add elements of both convenience and safety to your house. If you or your friends or family members struggle with stairs or have accessibility issues in the future, an elevator can be the perfect solution. An elevator can also be handy for getting furniture, heavy luggage or anything else that is difficult to manage on stairs to different floors. In most types of home with more than one story, elevator installation can be done quickly.

Luxury Bathroom

If you’re someone whose favorite way to relax is with a hot bath, a luxury bathroom renovation might be the way to go for you. Have you always dreamed of a clawfoot or whirlpool bathtub, or a sauna in your home bathroom? Maybe your dream is a truly luxurious shower, with a rainfall shower head, or perhaps you want an ultra contemporary or vintage Victorian look. By redoing your bathroom, you can add an incredible note of luxury to your home.

Go Sustainable

Maybe your dream is an eco-friendly house. Depending on the style of your house and where you live, you could renovate the place to be entirely solar or geothermal. You might want to have smart home technology installed to better control your energy usage. You could install low-flow bathroom appliances or a green roof, which involves planting vegetation on your roof and helps insulate your home while reducing emissions.

Cinema and Game Room

If you and your family love film and playing games, a home theater and game room can give you hours of pleasure and entertainment. It can be a gathering place for your children and their friends and a terrific way to enjoy the advantages of home movie nights without the costs. You can get traditional cinema seats or something more comfortable, a projector, and top-of-the-line gaming equipment as well as soundproofing so that people can turn up the volume as much as they want without disturbing the rest of the household.

Other Hobby Rooms

What about a home gym room or a library? Maybe you need a home office or a sewing room. Instead of trying to redo a spare bedroom, why not a custom-built addition to your home that can accommodate exactly what you want, whether it’s built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or mirrors set up so that you can watch your form precisely while you are doing yoga or lifting weights. Another possibility is building a greenhouse, which can be as small or as elaborate as you wish and allow you to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables year-round.