Wordvice Releases Free Citation Generator for Academic Research Authors

Wordvice, an international editing and proofreading company, has released a free citation generator to help researchers properly format the references and in-text citations of their research documents. The citation tool ensures formatting consistency by automatically applying the formatting rules of specific academic style guides. In addition to being free and easy for first-time visitors to use, the Wordvice Citation Generator is also free of ads and third-party sidebar content, making it ideal for authors seeking a simple solution to speed up the manuscript preparation process without distracting advertisements.

Whereas most online citation generators provide citation formatting for one or two common styles, Wordvice’s generator can format citations in several of the most used academic styles: APA StyleMLA StyleChicago Style, and Vancouver Style. The generator also includes corresponding citation style guides, giving tips on constructing in-text citations and explaining the updates in newer editions. Authors can create reference lists, save their citations, and copy-paste citations directly into their paper’s References section (for MS Word documents).

In addition to being a useful tool, the citation generator has the purpose of attracting potential clients to Wordvice’s editing and proofreading services. As Wordvice CEO Jonghwan Lee says, “Many online editing services are adding similar products and tools to make their site into an ‘all-in-one’ resource for academic writers.” Automated tools such as citation generators, plagiarism detectors, and AI proofreaders are becoming increasingly common as companies vie for customers looking for more convenient solutions to enhance their academic work.

Lee notes that, with increased competition in the online freelance services market, it is crucial to provide editing that is not only competitively priced but also provides users with added value and instills a sense of academic authority in the service. “We have expanded from a simple admissions and academic editing company to a one-stop shop where authors can find answers to any questions they have about writing and formatting research content, publishing in their target journals, and fixing basic grammar and punctuation issues.”

In addition to the hundreds of academic resource articles published on the site, Wordvice has also added user-focused content on English language rules, including a guide to editing and proofreading. These materials are intended to help readers improve their writing and proofreading abilities and to use the company’s English editing services after they have completed drafting and self-editing their journal manuscripts.

To learn more about Wordvice’s citation generator, as well as their range of products and services, visit wordvice.com.

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