Why is it important to get an end of tenancy clean for your kitchen?

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a property, this is where all of your food is prepared. This means that you want it to be clean at all times however it is most subject able to grease and dirt. Spillages and spitting of grease can cause long lasting issues when it comes to cleaning if left uncleaned for long periods of time. The more build up you get in a kitchen the harder and less likely you are to be able to remove it by yourself with shop bought cleaning products. Cleaning the kitchen daily can take up a lot off your time and sometimes people do not have the time to do this thoroughly. We do best Move out Cleaning in London.

This is where we Premium Clean Ltd come in. we will be able to take all of the stress of cleaning your kitchen away and allow you to spend more time on more important things, such as work, spending time with your family and friends or just relaxing after a long day at work. We have all the correct tools and cleaning products that are needed to remove even the toughest of grease and dirt. Our team of highly trained and professional cleaners are fully equipped with the best products and equipment to date. We are always improving our equipment to be sure to have all of the latest products on the market. So what does the end of tenancy in the kitchen mean exactly?

Well from the moment of booking we will prepare everything needed to complete an amazing clean for you kitchen, the team will arrive at the property at the decided time and date ready to work. The size of the team will solely depend on the size of the property, it could be a team of 3 or a team of 1 cleaners, but rest assured will ensure the right amount of cleaners will be provided to get the job finished as quickly as possible. The cleaning team will start by cleaning the oven (if requested to be included) this is because we like to leave this to soak for a little while so whilst that soaks we can continue with the rest of the kitchen, the team will clean all cupboards and drawers inside and out using Prochem cleaning products, the best products available.

They will also clean any appliances that are in the kitchen, washing machine, microwave, toaster and so on. They will wipe down all tiles and doors and doorframes as well as all light switches and fittings. They will then return to the oven ensuring that all the racking inside and the bottom of the oven inside it is completely free of grease and dirt. They will also wipe the exterior off the oven to including the hobs and extractor fan. The last thing they will do is the flooring this is so that no one needs to walk over it once it has been cleaned. They will sweep/vacuum and mop the flooring, the product they use for this will depend on what type of flooring you have. We can provide specialist flooring products for things like solid wood and tile. The only area that we do not include is painted walls and ceilings, this is because we do not want to damage paintwork. We will simply dust these areas only.

Once the cleaning team have finished they will call you back to inspect the service to ensure you are fully satisfied, if there is anything that you think might need a little more attention or has been missed (although rare these things happen sometimes) the cleaners will be more than happy to re do or go over these parts to ensure you are 100 percent satisfied. If for any reason you cannot be there at the end of the clean we can offer to post the keys through the letterbox or leave them in a safe place for you, if there should be any issues with the clean you can contact us up to 24 hours after the clean has been completed to discuss and we can send a cleaner back if anything needs to be rectified. Your satisfaction is key for us and we always like to ensure you are happy with the clean.