Why We Need Paediatric Dentists?

Why We Need Paediatric Dentists?

Nowadays, good oral health is considered an integral part of overall health. Problems related to teeth and gums can affect the quality of life in many ways. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that about 80% of chronic diseases are soft tissue or dental problems. This is why proper oral hygiene needs to be encouraged at home and school. But children need more than just regular brushing; they need specialized care by paediatric dentists Putney

 Children’s oral wellness begins before their first teeth erupt (around six months old) for some children. Oral care should involve parents, teachers, playmates but most importantly, paediatricians and dental professionals specialists for this age group, who will focus on kids’ unique needs with different stages of growth and development. In addition, healthy teeth, gums and jawbones require a proper diet throughout childhood. 

 Kids need to be taught as early as possible to keep up with hygiene, certainly before the first tooth emerges beneath the gum line. Learning should begin at pre-school age and continue through elementary school. It can include brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and rinsing the mouth with an antiseptic after each meal. 

 Paediatric dentists ensure that a child’s teeth grow straight and without missing or overcrowded. They also notice any abnormalities in tooth development, such as extra or missing adult teeth, which will have to be taken care of very carefully by paediatric dentist professionals. In addition, they spot cavities and other problems requiring immediate treatment. 

 Some kids also require extensive examination of their jaws to develop properly. At the same time, more complicated cases such as cleft lips or palates can be identified during childhood and will require precise timing for proper intervention by paediatric dentists. In addition, it’s tough for these children to recover from the harmful effects of developing improper dental habits since this is a long-lasting problem; it has been shown that mouth breathing in some children (caused by mouth malformation) could lead to difficulties in learning and concentration due to sleep deprivation. 

Paediatric dentist patients have teeth that are more susceptible to pain caused by disease, so they need specialized care. In addition, sometimes insufficient oxygen reaching body tissues during sleep may cause inflammation in the gums, leading to severe consequences for permanent teeth. 

 It is highly recommended that children visit a paediatric dentist for an examination before they turn one year old when their first tooth erupts or six months after the eruption of the primary teeth. If parents are concerned about infant teething symptoms, they should consult their paediatrician about using properly tested and approved over-the-counter medications to help alleviate discomfort. 

 Good oral hygiene can be achieved if you maintain your child’s regular dental visits so that your kids have healthy mouths throughout life. The earlier health habits begin in childhood, the better it will be in adulthood since some conditions may not affect adults but might affect children. Then again, why wait for later if there’s not much to lose and much to win starting now?