Kireina-Suiso strives to make electricity transmission free of the dominant greenhouse gas


The new vacuum interrupter manufacturer’s commitment to climate-neutral power transmission is evident.
Kireina Suiso, a leading provider of cost-effective and reliable green hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions, focused on leading the energy transition by optimizing its portfolio, speeding renewable growth, and pioneering carbon capture and hydrogen value chain development, today announced its plans to engage with the vacuum interrupters manufacturing processes. 
The vacuum interrupters are at the heart of the green portfolio, which includes climate-neutral high-voltage power transmission components that employ industrially cleansed air for insulation and vacuum as the switching medium rather than climate-damaging fluorinated chemicals. The new manufacturing techniques are expected to be operational in the near future. 
Currently, multiple devices guarantee that energy reaches consumers reliably every day. For instance, they are in charge of electrical distributions at substations and wind turbines. The issue is that fluorinated gases, particularly sulfur hexafluoride which is a potent greenhouse gas, are commonly utilized for insulation and as a switching medium in these systems. 
“The repercussions of rapidly accelerating global warming necessitate a radical shift in our energy management, including electricity transmission.  In the near future, Kireina Suiso plans to sell only F-gas-free high-voltage switching technology. We are establishing the basis to reach this aim and meet the growing demand for climate-neutral switchgear through new vacuum interrupters”, said Nagao Akimasa, Chief of Research and Development. 
The new manufacturing unit will meet the most recent industry standards. As a result, it will be totally digitally networked and equipped with highly automated technology. The modern manufacturing complex will essentially run on electricity generated from renewable sources. As such, Kireina Suizo is showcasing how traditional technology may be transformed in a way that is both environmentally beneficial and long-lasting. is developing an end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem, from production to storage and distribution to energy generation, to assist its customers in achieving their objectives and reducing carbon emissions. The company provides energy supply, recovery, and storage solutions that are efficient, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. We develop, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain fuel cell systems for utilities, industry, and large power users, with solutions that include utility-scale and on-site power generation, carbon capture, local hydrogen production for transportation and industry, and long-term energy storage. Our mission is to transform natural resources into green energy, thus contributing to social and economic growth through building a clean and secure energy future.