Tips for maximizing productivity in a serviced office setting

Serviced office settings are ideal for small businesses and individuals looking for an office space without the hassle of long-term lease contracts. Flexible office spaces are extremely popular in today’s age of hybrid working environments, so it’s not surprising that many are turning to co-working and serviced office spaces.

However, how can you maximise your productivity in such settings?

Keep reading to find out our top tips to help you (employer or employee) boost productivity within a serviced office setting!

Clean and tidy desk

A neat desk is always important when it comes to productivity levels! A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind, which is why a clean and tidy desk is essential in helping you concentrate and focus on your tasks at hand.

In a serviced office, you’ll find that desks are always cleaned and maintained for you, but it’s important to also think about how your own equipment that you bring can affect your desk space and productivity.

Take microbreaks

Regardless of whether you are working from home or in the office, taking small breaks is incredibly crucial when it comes to keeping your productivity levels high and preventing burnout. Expect improved concentration and motivation once you start taking microbreaks during your working hours.

While a lunch break is standard in most companies, don’t forget that you can also simply take a short break from your tasks during your work day! In a serviced office setting, this could be to go make coffee, use the toilet, or simply stand up and stretch your legs after sitting down for hours.

Prioritise key tasks

It can be easy to fall into the trap of socialising with others, especially in a serviced office setting where your colleagues or other people may be sitting nearby due to the open-plan design. Whilst good communication is excellent for collaborative projects, socialising when you need to get work done takes a toll on your productivity.

Remember to prioritise your key tasks first so that if you feel like it, you can socialise with others later! If needed, put your headphones on and dive straight into your work if you don’t want to be disrupted.

Don’t worry, other people won’t mind since they have their own work to do anyway!

Sit by a window

Natural lighting is another factor in how productive you may be during work hours. It is recommended that you sit near windows that can shine natural lighting towards you so that you feel rejuvenated and motivated to complete your work!

For instance, in serviced offices in Soho, you will find a majority of buildings with numerous windows, allowing you not only wonderful views of the city, but for natural daylight to come through as well.

Sit by your team

If you are renting a serviced office as a team or department for a project, it would be a good idea to sit next to each other, regardless of how spacious the office is. This can help with facilitating and fostering effective communication and collaboration between team members.

It also makes it easier for you to check each other’s progress without the need for screen sharing.