Nationwide Launch of Forkify’s Forklift Hiring and Sales Platform

Nationwide Launch of Forkify’s Forklift Hiring and Sales Platform

Forkify, a leading UK startup, announces the national rollout of its bespoke online platform aimed at transforming the forklift hiring and purchasing landscape. By harnessing proprietary technology, Forkify connects consumers with a vast network of forklift suppliers, ensuring the best deals in the market.

With its official expansion on 20th February 2024, Forkify extends its reach from London to cater to the entire UK, offering a user-friendly solution for sourcing forklift services.

Users can specify their forklift needs on the platform, which then pairs them with a suitable dealership to fulfil their requirements.

Capitalising on its London success, Forkify has established connections with leading dealerships across the UK. Its sophisticated technology ensures users are matched with dealerships that meet their specific needs and location.

Will Bradley, Co-Founder and CEO, highlighted the platform’s efficiency: “Finding the perfect forklift can be an expensive and time consuming process. Forkify allows you to do it in under two minutes and gives you peace of mind you’re getting value for money.”

Forkify has generated interest across a range of industries – namely warehousing, construction and manufacturing, where forklifts are integral to day-to-day operations. It has already matched a number of businesses with forklift deals in London and hopes to replicate this success across the country.

Jake Dickerson, Co-Founder and CTO, expressed confidence in the UK market: “The UK is a really strong market for the materials handling sector. Everyone always wants the best deal possible, and with forklifts that’s no exception.”

Suppliers have welcomed Forkify’s platform as it opens up opportunities to capture online demand.

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