Bleeding Love Couture to Launch in June 2024

Bleeding Love Couture, an exciting new fashion brand, is set to make its debut with an online launch in June 2024.

Founded by Laila Arifin, the brand’s journey is as inspiring as its mission – to empower individuals and spread comfort through its stylish jumpers adorned with heartfelt designs.

What distinguishes Bleeding Love Couture is its commitment to empowering people through fashion. Each jumper is more than just clothing; it’s a symbol of strength and resilience. The brand’s journey began in January with pop-up shops around the Portsmouth area. Word quickly spread as children wore the jumpers, sparking interest from friends and parents alike.

Laila Arifin, the Founder of Bleeding Love Couture, draws inspiration from her own challenging experiences. Laila said: “My life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but through it all, my children have been my guiding light. After facing heartbreak and loss, I found solace in creating a brand that embodies the strength and courage we all possess.”

The heart with wings design, a powerful symbol of resilience, emerged from Laila’s own journey of healing. “I wanted Bleeding Love Couture to represent strength, to remind people that they are capable of overcoming any obstacle,” she explains.

“The idea for the heart with wings design came from an emotive moment with my daughter during one of my darkest times. On Christmas Eve, 2023, I received dreadful news that my younger brother had a heart attack and passed away on the operating table. Another stab through my already wounded heart. Tears were my best friend. I was in so much sorrow and feeling so guilty for not being able to be with my mum who’s still grieving over my dad. My daughter was constantly by my side trying to wipe my tears away. I told her that my heart was aching so much, and it was unbearable. She gave me a massive hug and said, ‘I wish I could put wings on your heart mummy, so your heart could fly to places that can make you happy’. That’s when I realised I wanted to create something that embodied that sentiment – the ability to rise above adversity and find joy.”

Despite facing multiple family losses and experiencing depression, Laila remains determined to make Bleeding Love Couture a success. “My children are my driving force,” she asserts. “I want to build a brighter future for them, one where they can be proud of their mother’s accomplishments.”

As Bleeding Love Couture gears up for its online store launch, Laila invites everyone to join her in spreading love and empowerment through fashion. She added: “Together, we can turn pain into power, adversity into opportunity. With each jumper sold, we’re not just dressing bodies, but lifting spirits and touching hearts.”

For more information about Bleeding Love Couture and its upcoming launch, follow @bleeding_love_couture on Instagram or contact Laila Arifin at