New transition support programme helps prevent anxiety about moving from Year 6 to secondary school

primary2secondary is a new online support programme to help parents of children entering Year 6. Every September, approximately 750,000* children move to Year 6, and their parents have to choose and apply for a secondary school place by the end of October. In many cases, parents and children are anxious about the upcoming move and confused about the process and preparation required.

This combined online programme/community is the only one of its kind in the UK. Using online videos, information downloads, and an online community, the programme provides detailed information and guidance on:

• How to choose and apply for the most appropriate secondary school
• How to deal with child anxieties over subjects such as bullying, homework, getting lost, etc.
• Practical issues such as travel, equipment, uniforms, etc.
• Mental health and well-being preparation

TV parenting expert, Sue Atkins said: “We’re delighted to launch the primary2secondary programme. Our inspiration came from talking to parents about the high levels of anxiety and stress they suffer during this transition. For parents whose eldest child is entering Year 6, it’s especially difficult to get clear advice on how to choose the best school for their child. And then how to prepare them for what can be a very traumatic move. The primary2secondary programme supports parents right the way through Year 6 and into Year 7, giving them the information and advice they need, when they need it.”

primary2secondary is a major new initiative fromPostitive2, the brainchild of leading parenting experts Sue Atkins and Jo FitzGerald. At a time when mental health disorders, such as anxiety, are on the increase it provides a unique, independent service that isn’t available from central government, local authorities or schools. Sue added: “As parents who have been through this process ourselves, we want to help other parents with the single biggest decision affecting their child’s future.”

primary2secondary is available at
or more information about primary2secondary visit:
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Social Distancing Wearables Reduce Anxiety About Returning to Work

Careless workers flouting social distancing guidelines or those unable to fully engage due to anxiety or so engrossed that they forget about social distancing will be alerted if they overstep recommended distances. Beaconzone Ltd’s Social Distancing Solution (SDS) alerts users and stores data associated with the incidents. Employees can take the potentially nervous step back to work assured by their employer’s commitment to their wellbeing through investment in this technology.

Wearable devices alert users by emitting a flashing light and/or vibration if they overstep a set distance. The time and duration of a breach is stored then automatically synchronised with a station for review, tracking and tracing. Close contact event data enables identification of workers at risk so that they may be alerted and improvements made to working methods or patterns. Data is stored for future contact tracing if required.

SDS is a stand-alone ‘out of the box’ solution with no ongoing subscription. Data stays within the organisation. The wearable devices offer contact-free capability by synchronising automatically and work without WiFi, Ethernet or cellular connection.

Simon Judge of Beaconzone Ltd comments:

“Recognising an urgent need for organisations to return to work whilst mitigating concerns about social distancing we have applied our expertise in Bluetooth devices to work rapidly in developing this solution. Managers can be confident that members of their organisations will be automatically reminded to stay a safe distance apart. This will support leadership and waylay concerns as we start to get back to work.”

The Social Distancing Solution has been developed by Beaconzone Ltd in the United Kingdom, specialists in Bluetooth® beacon solutions.

An evaluation/starter kit which consisting of two devices and a station is available for immediate purchase. 

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Ten-year-old autistic boy invents genius new tool for stress and anxiety relief

ORANGE COUNTY, CA March 2020 – A young autistic boy has come up with an ingenious idea to harness the power of a trending beauty tool and take it to new heights!

Gemstone facial rollers have become a must-have beauty item on many women’s shelves over the last couple of seasons. The handheld tool has rollable gemstones like jade or rose quartz on either end and beauty buffs say they offer an instant cooling and relaxing facial treatment that helps to drain excess fluid and toxins from the skin and increase circulation.

Ten-year-old Malachi Mitchell was fascinated by the tool while watching his mother use it in the evenings. It wasn’t long before he was trying it out on himself, rolling it on his arms and neck, which he found soothing. As a child with autism and ADHD, anxiety is a common occurrence and Malachi’s mother Alana was relieved to find something that calmed his nerves.

“I wanted my mom to bring the roller with us everywhere so I could use it whenever I wanted, but we couldn’t really do that because it was too big,” explains Malachi.

It was then that the aspiring inventor came up with the brilliant idea to turn the roller into a necklace that he could take on the go.

10 Year Old Boy With Autism Invents Genius NEW Tool

[VLOG post, 2 min watch] PUTTING MY HEART ON MY SLEEVE, the MOST VULNERABLE facebook post of our lives?Click below to watch the inspirational story!It also happens to be the emotional journey behind our newest product, the stone roller necklace (patent pending). ❎ I wear it to help my son Malachi all day long❎ Help us create awareness❎ Handy fidget tool for adults and childrenMy son Malachi (10 Years old, Autism Spectrum) played the biggest role in this product invention. Our jaws dropped when we heard his idea, then dropped again when we realized that his idea was completely unheard of!If you want to support us, please watch and share the video to help create awareness, and comment below and let Malachi know what you think!Learn More Here:

Posted by on Monday, 16 March 2020

“Our jaws dropped when we heard his idea, then dropped again when we realized that his idea was completely unheard of,” said Alana, “Malachi has struggled in the past with bullies and other children not understanding how he is, but the process of inventing a successful product and obtaining a patent has really given him a boost of confidence!”

The necklaces are made from 100 percent genuine stones and Malachi’s clever design means skincare lovers can now enjoy the benefits of their favorite skincare device anytime, anywhere!

The gemstone necklaces can be used for people and children like Malachi who enjoy tactile stimuli, or as a stress reliever for those who feel the need to fidget, or even as a tool to cultivate mindfulness or awareness.

“I’ve always wanted to be an inventor and build all kinds of cool gadgets and robots and stuff, but sometimes it’s hard to do things with autism,” says Malachi, “My mom says we need people like me in the world because we think differently!”

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Author Marc Berlin borrows from media headlines to masterfully weave a disturbing tale of psychological suspense.

Plymouth, Mass., October 11, 2019 — Indie book publisher Black Rose Writing has published ODDBALL IN 3G, a novel that’s not only entertaining but also highly relevant, involving both the opioid and chronic anxiety epidemics plaguing America.

Written by Marc Berlin, the book deftly mixes suspense with consistent doses of wry humor.

Robert Krieger’s life is quickly falling apart. He’s lost his job, his girlfriend has dumped him, and his elderly mother is pestering him about fixing her leaky roof. As a result, Robert’s developed GAD, aka generalized anxiety disorder. Making things much worse, he’s soon being threatened by an inner-city drug ring who believes he has a bunch of their cash. Normally a shy loner, Robert must soon resort to the same tactics the drug ring employs—extreme violence.

“I wanted to show how a perfect storm of internal and external crises can make otherwise shy young men become tomorrow’s news headlines,” Berlin explains. says, “Right from the start, Berlin’s novel is a great read. Recommended to both crime and movie buffs, especially those who enjoy a character-driven story with a bang-up ending.”

ODDBALL IN 3G is available at, as well as the Barnes and Noble, Foyles and Target websites.

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