YanaLevy re-invents fashion photography in Israel

Yana Levy is an Israeli professional photographer with a unique shooting style. Originating from Moscow as a photojournalist and fashion photographer,  she has been focusing all of her energy to portrait and commercial photography within Israel and abroad.

Being featured in top publications and magazines like Moevir, Malvie, Eclair, Faddy, Horizont, Style Cruze, Gmaro, Marika, Edith, Feroce, Summers, Imirage, Like a Lion, Luxia, and Elegant, Yana has made a name for herself with her unique style that has attracted models, blogger and fashion designers.

Her work which combines a raw, unconventional aesthetic with sophisticated lighting techniques, has continued to intuitively blur the lines between art and fashion photography by pushing the boundaries of their presentation.

Her portfolio is now available on her re-launched website, and she will continue to re-invent fashion photography in Israel.

Packaging in a pandemic: How health and beauty brands can capitalise on shifting consumer habits

Recent research has indicated that changes in consumer shopping habits may be here to stay.

GlobalWebIndex’s ninth release of its coronavirus research shows that only 14% of shoppers in the UK and Ireland intend to return to buying from ‘brick and mortar’ shops immediately after lockdown eases.

Over half of global consumers say that it will be ‘some time’ or ‘a long time’ before they feel comfortable browsing the shelves of their favourite high street stores again.

Increased spending on beauty products
So, what does that mean for Health and Beauty brands? Well, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom; March 2020 saw a month on month increase of purchases of beauty products by over a third. And projections show that as the beauty-at-home trend continues, the brands who are ready and able to respond will be able to reap the rewards.

Getting products ‘Postal Ready’
Belmont Packaging are industry leaders in providing high quality postal and subscription box packaging, and having worked with a large number of Health and Beauty brands in their 40+ years of business, they are well placed to help those brands who are ready to focus more on the ecommerce aspect of their business.

Owner and Manager of Belmont Packaging, Kate Hulley said “It’s more important than ever that brands show flexibility in their business model, and our expert team can offer support and advice in the best way to get products ready to post out to customers. In the absence of a presence on shelves, it’s important that packaging enhances branding, and is of a high enough quality to compliment the products it contains. That’s where we shine.”

Product and service innovations are driving growth
The landscape of the Health and Beauty industry could look very different in the next 12 months.

Almost half of all businesses are reporting product and service innovations that they feel confident they will continue beyond the end of the Coronavirus disruption.

Whether businesses are considering introducing a subscription box model, or want to be able to deliver orders directly to their online customers, it is vital to consider how the products look when they arrive with the consumer. Attractive, quality branded packaging will deliver the shopping experience that customers are missing in these strange times.

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Glo Launches Online Health and Beauty Tutorials / Webinars to Help Home-Workers and Their Mental Health

Kelly Skipper, Director at Glo, explains why it was important for a small female-run business to pivot quickly and offer online alternatives:

“The current Covid-19 epidemic affects each and every one of us on many different levels, but one common ground is that everyone is under an immense amount of pressure, whether it is juggling work with home schooling, financial pressures or feeling isolated and anxious and whilst we are unable to offer treatments and services which would normally help them at a time like this, it felt like a natural fit to move as many of our services as we can online whilst also supporting our clients and their home workers. With Mental Health Awareness Week on the horizon we are hopeful that companies will be looking to invest in the health and wellbeing of their team and that our webinars and tutorials provide an educational and engaging solution for them”

Royal College of Radiologists, a Glo client, are currently providing online yoga classes for their workforce and said the following:

“We use Glo to provide yoga classes in our office on a regular basis, but as most of our staff are currently working from home Glo have been able to provide us with online yoga instead. The ability for staff to be able to continue with their yoga practise whilst in their homes and at the same time assist in reducing stress and improving their wellbeing, has been an important for us during the coronavirus pandemic and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kelly and her team at Glo.”

Phoebe – HR Officer

Glo Pamper is a nationwide company that have been operating for over 13 years. They provide professional mobile therapists, teachers and stylists for pamper parties, corporate events and for accommodations along with wellbeing services for companies.

If you are interested learning more about the webinars/tutorials, would like to review/experience one or are interested in offering a webinar or tutorial as a prize, please get in touch:

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Skipper at 020 7096 0385 /


Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @Glopamper

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[Austin, TX]: Beauty Backer today announced COVaid, a new category on its crowdfunding platform. COVaid provides access to zero-fee fundraising for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups to keep their businesses afloat as the world fights the Coronavirus and offers a way for communities to support local small businesses.

Beauty Backer is a reward-based crowdfunding platform exclusively for cosmetics and personal care campaigns. To help other small businesses, who may not qualify for other forms of COVID-19 funding, Beauty Backer created a new category and made it accessible to all!

COVaid is a donation-based category on Beauty Backer, open to small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups of all industries – brick and mortar, direct-to-consumer and online. Jacqueline Gutierrez, CEO of Beauty Backer states: “We’ve carved out a very specific place for small business owners to raise funds without paying fees, we don’t want it to be difficult to get the support you need, we want to make it as easy as possible.”

Beauty Backer is not collecting any fees on contributions to businesses made through COVaid, however, Stripe processing fees will still apply. Gutierrez has reached out to Stripe, without response, to partner on this initiative in hopes that they will waive their processing fees.

COVaid allows these businesses to quickly set up a crowdfunding campaign and start collecting donations from family, friends, loyal customers and anyone else who wants to keep local businesses functioning, and serving the community, when social restrictions are lifted. Gutierrez says: “We want to be sure that our favorite hair salon, pizzeria or bakery is ready, willing and able to reopen when all of this is over. That they are able to raise the funds they need and keep 100% of the contributions.”

Campaign creators are verified by Trulioo, an external 3rd party verification company, before they are approved to launch a campaign to avoid potential fraud risks. Contributors should support local businesses or known brands and conduct their own due diligence to ensure safe transactions.

“This is an opportunity to help your neighbors. The longer they go without support, the more likely these businesses will close their doors and never reopen them, we’re trying to prevent that from happening.”  – Jacqueline Gutierrez, CEO – Beauty Backer.

Features and benefits of COVaid include.

  • Dedicated category for businesses experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19
  • Donation only category, no reward creation required.
  • Beauty Backer fees will not be applied to COVaid campaign

COVaid will be available starting March 26, 2020 – July 31st, 2020, for all legitimate businesses in the US and UK. For more information on COVaid, visit

About Us: Beauty Backer is a reward-based crowdfunding platform exclusively for early-stage Cosmetic and Personal care brands and entrepreneurs. Our vision is to enable these startups with access to crowdfunding resources, designed for their industry, so they can scale their business while exposing beauty enthusiasts to up and coming, exciting products that align with their values.

Social Media

Facebook – /BeautyBacker

Instagram – @beautybacker

Twitter – @beauty_backer

Linkedin –


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The Business Of Beautiful: How The Aesthetic Medicine Industry Is Targeting New Customers

The business of making people beautiful is a lucrative one. If you are making additions to your medical practice, like Botox or dermal fillers, or starting a business within the cosmetic industry, you’ve got to be aware of the fact that, since the year 2000, cosmetic procedures in the USA have increased by a whopping 200%. There are no signs of slowing down. As such, there is a lot of competition in an already crowded industry. This is why marketing is the essential tool to target the appropriate customers. What’s more, it’s not just about those that have an active interest in changing their aesthetics, but those people who have an inkling towards it, but have never had the time or the finances need targeting as well. With this in mind, it’s important to learn some of the best practices to acquire custom; let’s provide you with some of the best methods. 

Online Marketing Tactics

While marketing on the internet can be broken down into numerous categories, from SEO to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and numerous ones in between, when we are looking to target a specific demographic, social media is, undoubtedly, the most important. When promoting a medical practice, it can seem somewhat overlooked, especially as cost is one of the defining factors. But this is where we can use Facebook ads to our advantage. We need to introduce customers to our practice, so this means we have to give them a great first experience. By using targeted Facebook ads, we can give away a low ticket service for free. By giving away one of these on a regular basis, and ensuring that the customer has a good experience during their visit, they can come back again and again. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive at the outside, it could just be a free filler to plump up their lips or just a general checkup, but this can generate more leads.

Media Exposure

Any publicity is good publicity. And while the aesthetic medicine industry has its fair share of detractors, by getting any form of media exposure, this can result in a higher volume of new patients. Because we can focus a lot on generating followers through social media, we don’t always tend to go for the grassroots press approach. Granted, generating media exposure can be time-consuming. But when you do it well, you can get more followers online and in person. The best way to do it is to use the abundance of tools out there to get in contact with journalists, editors, and producers. It’s all about that hook, that story. You can always target more influential papers in your local area to promote your practice, but if you can weave it in with a story that is doing the rounds, this makes your practice more relevant. 

Targeting Social Media Influencers

It’s never been easier to get in touch with influencers on social media. But whether they will reply to you is another thing! Targeting specific social media influencers, by offering your services for free, they can promote your cause online. Be careful, because there are more restrictions being put in place. Advertising online is a very muddled water, especially through services like Instagram, but if you target influencers, by being associated with a specific person, this is the perfect way to get your services to a wider market. Choose your influences carefully, and look at their demographics.

Conducting Market Research And Analysis

While you can use Instagram as a way to target specific demographics, you’ve got to assess your current situation by undertaking the relevant analysis. This means looking at the products and procedures that you offer, as well as the location, and, most importantly, the cost. The aesthetics industry can seem like a wide-ranging market place, but if you cast your net too widely, this is unlikely to yield you the necessary results. It’s far better to understand the specific customer base, as well as researching the industry. As there’s significant growth in the aesthetics market, what is the defining factor of this? It’s to do with invasive procedures, coupled with insecurities about our looks. There is a wider public awareness of cosmetic procedures now, but you’ve got to drill deep into your geographical area. The major trend now is that style of drawn-on eyebrow, as popularized by the Kardashians, but if you operate in an area that doesn’t take these trends onboard, you will naturally be selling yourself short.

Capturing The Niche

Again, without casting your net wide, you need to research the industry in terms of your geographical area, but also an understanding of who your customers are. Are your customers going to be men, rather than women? It’s surprising, but there is a growing awareness about cosmetic procedures amongst men. Once you start to research your appropriate customers, you can then create buyer personas. This encompasses not just specific demographics, but the educational background, pain points, buying patterns, even their job. This means that you can set your budgets accordingly. By catching a specific niche, especially when using CRM systems to cultivate an important relationship with potential customers, you are going to capture a niche in a more focused way. It’s always about the gap in the market, rather than casting your net too widely. 

Don’t Go For The Norm

Laser hair removal is still one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. And if you pride yourself on promoting this, then it’s time to go against the grain and stop doing this. Because sites like Groupon offer laser hair removal at low costs, why should you compete with these bigger companies? It’s far better to find something that nobody else is promoting in your area. Again, this is about the demographic. Look at a state like Florida, where the key demographics are well beyond retirement age. This naturally means that collagen loss is one of the more prominent complaints. When you think about it in terms of location, but also providing a different service to everyone else, you can capture the market better. By going to a state like Florida and actively not providing services to reduce sagging jowls, this may sound like commercial suicide. But every other aesthetic business out there will be pushing it.

Retain Authority On A Topic

To become an influencer in your industry, you’ve got to carve out your niche, but if you become an authority on a specific subject, this means you are going to get results in terms of search engine optimization, but also, you will have the right people coming to you. Because the aesthetic industry is oversaturated, what can you offer that nobody else does? When it comes to cosmetics, there are so many different subcategories, and this means that if you can provide a very niche set of services for a very specific problem, you can automatically become an authority on that subject. Blogging and vlogging can position you as an authority. When you become an authority on a topic, this builds trust with potential customers and existing ones. Ultimately, write about what you know. But you still need to provide that consistent drip feed so people will view and watch your content. This means you’ve got to put a face to the business…

Iconography And Imagery

In one respect, it’s about the logo and design, but on the other hand, you need to build a brand that has that relevant personality. While a personalised logo goes a long way when patients are looking for the right cosmetic business, having a unique logo make you stand out, but you also need to find a way to communicate your style simply. Video blogs work wonders in this respect, as do explainer videos, but think about other ways to communicate to target markets in ways that a little out of the norm. Podcasting might not be considered to be crucial in terms of the cosmetics industry, but by setting up your own podcast, and getting the right guests who are influencers in the industry to talk shop, this can turn you into an authority by proxy. And while podcasting is an audio art form, there is still a brand, identity, and image to put across. And because there are so many aesthetic businesses out there that deal in the business of looking beautiful you need to make your promotional materials look better than others.

When we are in the business of making people look beautiful, it can provide a quandary in terms of getting results and customers. You could always promote a unique product that you’ve developed yourself, or you can highlight the results that you have yielded through customers. But these days, because there’s such a choice, we need to gain trust with our target market. The aesthetic industry has to target new customers, and like any good business, it understands what its unique selling point is. The beauty industry is even more difficult to make a profit in now, even if the stars align and you have productive staff. This is why marketing becomes an essential tool to build bridges. Whether it is dermal fillers or rhinoplasty, it’s important that we build a strong foundation before we alter our customer’s.

UK Recognition for Sensoria Beauty Salon

Sensoria Beauty has been selected for the finals of BABTAC Beauty Salon of the Year Award, which will be taking place in Windsor, London in September.

The Ellesmere Port branch of Sensoria Beauty, which is situated next to Ellesmere Port hospital and just a stone’s throw from popular shopping destination Cheshire Oaks, has been up and running for just two years, but has quickly become established as the quality beauty salon in the area.  Sensoria Beauty also has a salon in Tarporley, Cheshire, which is situated inside the ‘Wild Boar’ Hotel.

Sensoria has been recognised for its high standard of beauty treatments and staff training, as well as its quality brands including Dermalogica Skin Treatments and Sterex permanent hair removal. It’s smart, contemporary grey and white interior provides a clean and modern feel as a backdrop to its quality treatments and outstanding customer care.

The BABTAC Awards seek to reward and recognise salons that excel in the business of professional beauty treatments. BABTAC (the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) have always practiced self-regulation and believe in maintaining high standards within the industry and it’s very important that salons which work within industry guidelines are recognised.

“There are just so many inadequately trained beauty ‘professionals’ and the public just don’t understand that a short course in something is not enough for safety” explained Sensoria Director, Angela Bartlett who has 35 years of experience in the beauty sector under her belt.

“We love what we do and thrive on offering the best treatments for our deserving clientele. We do everything we can to provide the highest quality treatments”, said the Sensoria team.

Angela is a tutor and international examiner and all the staff are fully qualified and trained to excellent standards.

The BABTAC awards will be taking place on 15th September 2019 at the Castle Hotel in Windsor.

Any queries, please contact or call 07852989650

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