Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival to go Virtual

28 August 2020. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has announced that the city’s premier Wine & Dine Festival will become a virtual event for the first time.

Scheduled to take place in late October 31/10/2020-30/11/2020, the festival will include culinary workshops, wine pairing classes by world-renowned chefs, food critics and sommeliers, which will be housed on a dedicated platform.

The platform will be designed to preserve much of the original flavour of the physical event, but will also enable participants from around the world to experience some of Hong Kong’s culinary scene.

Explaining this strategic move, HKTB Chairman Dr YK Pang said: “The Hong Kong Wine & Dine festival has been one of the most popular events among locals and tourists alike since its inception over a decade ago. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak this year, we hope people can continue to enjoy Hong Kong’s unique dining culture while providing business opportunities for the local F&B sector amidst this challenging economic climate. Organising the festival virtually allows us to achieve both objectives without compromising public health and safety.”

Dr Pang added, “The virtual Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will strive to recreate the festive, joie de vivre atmosphere the event is famous for, by offering access to exclusive wine and gourmet experiences curated by experts on the subject. Taking advantage of the virtual format, the event will be extended from the usual four days to several weeks so that more people can take part regardless of time and geographical constraints.”

The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival was launched in 2009, after Hong Kong and Bordeaux signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Co-operation in Wine-related Business. The large-scale outdoor event quickly became the talk of the town, and was dubbed one of the world’s top 10 international food and wine festivals by Forbes Traveler.

For further information about Hong Kong, please visit DiscoverHongKong.com/UK.

Images are available from: www.image.net/hkwinendinefestival2018

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Garantia Virtual Garden Festival & Summer of Bloomin’ Marvelous Competitions to Launch Awareness for #H2OSAFE

When the country is in lock-down and all gardening events are canceled, there’s only one thing for it… create one online!

As we slowly head out of lock-down, but with many summer gardening and outdoor events canceled or postponed, Garantia UK is bringing back the feel-good factor, by staging a virtual garden

festival on the August bank holiday weekend. With weekly competitions for everyday budding garden enthusiasts to show off their creations and a chance to be a winner in class, and to win fantastic prizes throughout – this turns our ‘canceled’ summer into a major opportunity to GROW AND WIN BIG!

5 Weekly Chances to Win

With entries eligible for consideration in 5 categories, plus weekly prizes for the best pics sent in and tagged by you, the nal set of category winners will be judged by a mystery guest judge from the gardening world. This is a wonderful opportunity for stay-at-home gardeners to get recognised like professional growers and bloomers throughout the UK. Plus this is a great opportunity to teach your children about the bene ts of water conservation:

We’re getting attention for #H2OSAFE

Garantia are launching this competition in association with Graf UK to bring attention to the rising issues in water conservation and the potential for a water crisis in the UK by:
1. Preventing ooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through storm-water management
2. Preventing sewage being discharged into watercourses

3. Putting the precious resource of rainwater to good use through rainwater harvesting

What are the prizes for the nalists?

Get involved today! Get your phone out, get in your garden and go and take some snaps of your prized plants and bloomin’ marvelous creations in the following categories: * Fruit and Veg / * BBQ area or Sanctuary / * Family-friendly / * Window box/container / * General oral * [Allotments are allowed to enter].

Upload your pics to your favourite social media platform from June 11th until the closing date of August 21st and tag @GarantiaUK – but be sure to mention #bloominmarvelous for your chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on your garden. All weekly prize winners will be entered into the August garden festival and the nal round of judging, with category prizes of £100 vouchers. The overall winner will also be able to choose any item from the Garantia UK Website up to a value of £500!

About Garantia UK: Garantia is a manufacturer of garden composters, water butts, growing tunnels, raised beds and garden sundries, all made from recycled plastic. Garantia is dedicated to tackling global warming by using recycled plastic in all products (where possible). Throughout and beyond the lock-down, Garantia UK is providing a 3-5 day, direct to garden delivery service.

Go to: www.garantiauk.co.uk to find guidance on how to conserve water.

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Edinburgh Fringe is in on the brink of a revolt because it’s becoming too exclusive and Mainstream

Edinburgh Fringe is in on the brink of a revolt because it’s becoming too exclusive and MAINSTREAM.

A group of comedians have joined forces to speak out about the festival which they believe to be catering for “white boys in skinny jeans and posh voices”.

The so-called “Whitehallisation”of the arts festival – dubbed after renowned posh boy Jack Whitehall – has led to established acts dominating the scene and pushing up-and-coming talent out to the fringe of the fringe.

One act had to spend £3,000 and book time off work to attend the festival – only to be told he wasn’t acknowledged enough to perform.

Lenny Sherman, 42, from London, said he applied for time but didn’t even get a response from organisers.

He ended up having to go on social media and was lucky to find a guy who was willing to share his stage.

Fringe organisers have emphasised that the event is an open access festival where anyone can perform, but acts a sceptical.


Comedian Ashley Storrie, who is the daughter of Janey Godley, said the festival is becoming overrun with “white boys in skinny jeans and posh voices who want to come here and then get a show of on E4″.

She added: “People see the fringe as a platform to get famous. It’s not. Stop coming.

“Acts lose out to white posh guys wearing skinny jeans and talking about their mum walking in on them masturbating.

“But they are forgetting about real issues”.

TV producer Victor Lewis Smith has also weighed in on the argument, saying : “In recent years, mainstream broadcasters seem to have given up on investing in edgy and boundary-pushing satire.

“Instead, support for bold new voices in comedy has come from a seemingly unlikely source- RT.

“Tom Walker is known for his strangely compelling spoof rants as fictional news reporter Jonathan Pie, a role that he first platformed on RT.

“Satirical current affairs show News Thing makes Have I Got News For You look like Blue Peter, just without the coked-up presenters.

“And now, The Establishment Club is delighted to be working with RT on a revival of its ground-breaking format.

“The legacy of Peter Cook has found a new home!”

Chris McGlade, who played a major part in Billy Elliot, returned to comedy after his Dad was murdered in a tragic incident.

He is using his act to talk about the Fringe and the fact it has turned mainstream rather than supporting working class acts.

He said: “To me the Edinburgh Fringe is just a money making mafia.

“It promotes and pushes the fortunes of a handful of comedians who they are wanting to have on TV”.

Dominic Holland, who uses his show Eclipse to talk about being overshadowed by his son Tom Holland, is doing a free show at the Fringe to give back to comedy.

He said the people who are being promoted at the Fringe aren’t the right people, adding that it is about doing your own PR and handing your own leaflets out rather than relying on marketing teams to poster the city for you.

Leading the search for new, edgy comedians the Establishment Club is currently touring Britain to give new stars a chance.

Keith Allen says: “Edinburgh has always been a conveyor belt for bland career comedians.

“In recent years this has gotten worse as the freaks and the risk-takers, the sages and the mavericks, have been almost entirely pushed aside.

“The festival now has as much creative energy as a chartered surveyors’ away day. Our satire battlebus was parked on the fringes of the Fringe, and our mission was not to complement the festival but to give it a cattleprod to the bollocks.

“There has to be another way for truly thoughtful, passionate, original voices to come through- we may not succeed but we are giving it a damn good shot.”

Establishment Club producer Mike O’Brien added: “Our trip to Edinburgh has proven that there are loads of great comics flying under the radar because they don’t meet industry ideals of how they should look, how they should act on stage, how politically correct they should be, or which issues they should or shouldn’t address.

“The Establishment Club is going to give some of these great talents the television platforms they deserve.”