Houston Headshot

Houston Headshot

What to Wear for Your Houston Headshot Session?


Are you preparing for your headshot session? If you do, you need to ensure you are dressed well. That’s because headshots are professional photographs that will help you with your professional life.

Now, it’s not easy to dress right for headshots. You can’t just wear casual clothes that you wear in your everyday life. Your clothes have to be elegant but not too crazy as well. If you can’t figure out what to wear during your headshot session, you should take the advice seriously and follow my tips.

Clothing Tips for Headshot Session

Follow these tips so that you may look amazing during your Houston headshot session:

1. Comfortable Clothes

Your headshot session requires your calm and relaxed pose. And all those things happen when you are comfortable in the session. Your comfort depends on many things; your clothes are one of those factors. If you are uncomfortable with your clothes, your headshot won’t come out as you planned.

Therefore, you need to wear something to ensure you are comfortable. Tight clothes aren’t the type of outfit that will provide your comfort. So, make sure to take off the tight clothes out of the list. You should wear normal clothes with good ventilation, and your skin won’t stress out.

2. Nice Fitting Clothes

Another thing that you have to keep an eye on is that your clothes are fitting. I know too-tight clothes are not comfortable at all. But too loose clothes are not appealing as well. When you are taking your headshot photograph, you need to make sure that you look your best. And to do that, you must wear the perfect clothes that fit you well.

Therefore, you need to choose clothes that are not too tight, which will make you uncomfortable, and loose clothes that won’t be appealing. You have to make sure that the clothes that you are wearing are a perfect fit and make you look marvelous.

3. Simple Clothes

If you are going to wear flashy clothes or your headshots, you should think twice. That’s because flashy clothes are perfect for parties or other occasional photographs, but those are not suitable for headshots. However, headshots are for professional purposes, such as your job. And wearing flashy clothes for your professional photographs won’t benefit your career.

So, you need to ensure you are wearing simple clothes that aren’t so flashy. You should wear formal clothes or those clothes that go well for professional purposes.

4. Color

The color of your clothes also plays a vital role in your headshots. If the color doesn’t match you well, you won’t be comfortable. And not to mention, the headshot won’t be appealing as well. Therefore, you should make sure the colors of your clothes are simple and go well with you.


Remember to try the clothes at your home first to make sure that the clothes are perfect for your headshots. It would be better to hire professional headshot photographers like shuttervalley photography who will ensure you get the best headshots.