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Software Developers from Ukraine: How to Hire Them

Software Developers from Ukraine: How to Hire Them

Ukraine has a great pool of talented software engineers and is home to some of the leading software development companies. Unsurprisingly, it’s a top pick for recruiters and employers when looking to fill positions within their IT departments.

Research shows the Ukrainian software market is poised to hit US$3.48 billion in 2024, indicating a dynamic and thriving industry. As the industry grows, the market offers recruiters and employers a great place to source new talent for short or long-term projects.

But how do you hire software developers from Ukraine? In this post, let’s explore the key considerations you need to take to hire the right software developers and the options you have as a company.

Understand Your Project’s Specifics

The job or project description determines the ideal method or option for hiring the right software developer. Given the different categories of developers, it’s critical to understand the specifics of your project or job — you want to find the right talent that suits your project.

For example, it’s vital to note the specific skills a potential candidate must possess. Also, list the essential requirements of the job or project, such as the required tech stack. Your chances of finding the right software developer from Ukraine improve when you address such specifics.

The most popular programming languages of Ukrainian developers include JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, TypeScript, PHP, Kotlin, C++, and DB. If your project or position requires any of these languages, state it upfront, including the skill level you need for the project.

Ukrainian developers are adept at trending technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (AI). So, be sure your project or job descriptions are specific and detailed to help you find the ideal developer to work on your project.

The Freelancer Way

Working with a Ukrainian freelancer might be a good idea if you have a small project or require a developer to complete a small part of a larger project. Popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr,, and Upwork provide convenient access to Ukrainian developers.

Working with a freelancer provides a quicker way to find a developer, especially if your project requires specialized skills for a specific phase or task. It also offers a way to complement your existing team to speed up a project or manage complex aspects of the project.

When working with Ukrainian freelancers, take note of time differences, particularly if the project requires constant collaboration and regular meetings. Ukraine is in the GMT+2 time zone, which is 7-9 hours ahead of the US and 1 to 2 hours ahead of some European countries.

Regardless, take the time to engage different freelancers before picking one. Finding one with a proven track record is essential since most work as independent contractors. In this case, there’s an increased risk of project abandonment, which can complicate things for you.

Working with a Staffing Service

You can also hire Ukrainian developers through a service such as an outsourcing company or a recruiting agency. Note that these two services are different. An outsourcing company has an existing talent pool, making it easier to get multiple developers as needed and perfect for projects.

With this option, you can get a dedicated team, especially if you have a large-scale project. This allows you to tap into a team of cross-functional development experts to support every aspect of the project from initiation to delivery.

On the other hand, a recruiting agency hires developers on your behalf, and it’s a great option if you’re filling part- or full-time roles within your company. Upon recruitment, the rest of the HR responsibilities shift to your company.

In both cases, you’ll need to work with Ukrainian-based companies for competitive pricing and cost-effectiveness. Clutch offers an excellent platform for finding such companies in Ukraine. Other great websites include Goodfirms and HeroHunt.

Find a Custom Software Development Company

Another option is outsourcing the entire project to a software development company in Ukraine. This is an excellent direction if you lack the expertise, experience, and resources to execute and manage a software development project.

Examples of such companies include Brights, Future Processing, Leobit, Sombra, Fulcrum, Rocketech, Diceus, Geniusse, Empat, and RiseApps. Such companies average about $50 per hour for software projects and take on the entire project on your behalf.

When you opt to outsource the entire project, picking the right software development company is critical. Use platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch to create a vendor list, read reviewers, and compare potential companies in Ukraine. Get recommendations from partners who have worked with Ukrainian software developers.

Be sure to cover the basics, including preliminary estimates, legal considerations, data security, track record, years in business, etc. Also, take note that these companies have areas of specialization. So, you want to pick one that covers the tech stack you need for your project.

Find the Right Software Developer in Ukraine

Despite the war with Russia, Ukraine remains a top source of expert software developers for your project or in-house roles. You stand to gain from the vast talent pool, high-quality developers, and cheap rates compared to other common outsourcing markets.

Over 20% of Fortune 500 companies have remote development teams in Ukraine. The IT outsourcing business has been growing in the country, contributing to nearly half of the total service exports. Given this remarkable feat, you can achieve better results with Ukrainian developers.

As with any market, take the time to compare different developers and companies to determine the ideal pick for your project. Get acquainted with the team and share enough project details to ensure success. Monitor the project’s progress and be open to suggestions.