Only 37% of Brits Think That Saying “I Love You” is the Sign of a Serious Relationship

Only 37% of Brits Think That Saying “I Love You” is the Sign of a Serious Relationship

Do you think you’ve reached a serious point in your relationship or are you sailing along in your partnership, looking to take it to the next level? If so, you might not know exactly where you stand on the serious meter.

You might struggle to define the event that makes your relationship ‘serious’ because let’s face it, sometimes it’s not that simple!

According to Monarch, 58% of people said that meeting the parents was the first tell-tale sign, closely followed by 50% opting for the exchange of house keys.

Closely followed at 49% is planning a holiday together. Although it may be the source of many holiday tiffs, it’s apparently the sign of a serious relationship!

Taking 4th position is discussing plans for the future, followed by 39% voting for an invitation to family gatherings.

A mere 37% indicated that saying those three little words were the defining moment, with speaking the words “I love you” first sign, taking sixth place on the ranking scale.

Other small factors such as leaving a toothbrush at your significant others’ house and telling each other Everything also made the list with 29% and 28% of votes.

There was also a small minority who explained that knowing each other’s passwords, having pet names for one another (or owning one together!) was a sign of a serious relationship, as well as using each other as their +1 at a wedding or other social event.

On average, it takes around five months for a relationship to become ‘serious’ and 80% of those surveyed had been on holiday with their partner previously.

This infographic produced by Monarch Airlines reveals the top 10 tell-tale signs that you’re in a serious relationship:

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