Brits Will Suffer 9672 Illnesses in Their Lifetime

If you’re spending your days constantly sore and achy (or just can’t muster up the energy to get out of bed!), you may be wondering exactly How often we’re ill – and why it seems so common.

On average, a typical Brit is expected to suffer two shaving cuts in one year, along with four cracked necks and three sore throats… Not bad for just a common cold that we’re reminded of every Winter!

In terms of cardiovascular health issues, we’re expected to be stricken with four cases of heartburn over the period of a year. This, combined with six occasions of upset stomach and five instances of cramps make us a very accident-prone country!

We’re also expected to suffer from headaches, sore backs, bouts of blisters, ear aches and eye infections most commonly. Although it may not be the reason for the average of two stitches that a typical Brit receives over the course of a year, it’s still quite a worrying statistic.

Brits are also expected to suffer from 9,672 ailments, sicknesses and injuries throughout their life, with the average person having two surgeries as a result.

You should also be expecting to stub your toe three times this year. Maybe that’s through trotting on a freestanding plug, missing your seat as you go to sit down or banging your head as you get out of the car. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubting that we’re a clumsy lot.

This infographic created by Benenden shares just how us Brits are likely to suffer over the coming year with the average number of illnesses that we should expect to experience:

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