The Perfect Shopping Trip is 4 Hours Long and Contains 2 Coffees

Do you spend hours waiting for your partner to finish their shopping trip, or are you guilty of spending way too long hitting the shops and spending unnecessary money? The chances are, your perfect shopping trip would see you browsing for a total of four hours, consume two coffees and a flapjack, and spend a whopping £131.

According to this infographic created by Lush, the average trip starts at 10am and has a 14 mile-long drive, resulting in 6 purchased items.

Just two out of five couples say that their partner is their ideal shopping partner companion, with only 72% saying that they actually like shopping (but they’re only prepared to wait a maximum of eight minutes in a queue!).

42% of people said that the worst “trip ruiner” was that they couldn’t find anything within their price range, along with 50% not finding items in their size and another 50% having a desire for an item out of their price range. They also found that not finding 4 bargain items was a factor in a ruined retail therapy trip.

According to the survey, the worst-case scenario for a shopping trip was that they’d return home empty handed. A massive 62% of people said that it would ruin their trip, whilst 16% of men strive to complete an entire shopping trip in just one hour!

Plus, men were more likely to send a photo to get a second opinion. Although they’re quicker shoppers than the average female, it looks like they still need assurance!

This infographic from Lush explains the ‘perfect’ shopping trip and the average amount of time we spend in retail stores:

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