How the Best and Worst UK Airports Perform

If you live in the UK, flying from your nearest airport is the most common choice for most passengers.  If you live by one of the smaller airports you may need to travel if they do not offer the destination you are headed for.  While this might limit your choice somewhat, it is still worth knowing which UK airports have the worst delays and when the busiest months are that contribute to these holdups.  This means you can be more prepared and make contingency plans in advance.

The Worst Months

It may not come as any surprise that the worst months for delays within the airport are July and August.  It is when UK schools are out for summer and everyone is taking the chance to get away.  Significantly more people means a higher risk of problems occurring. The month that takes third place is December.  With Christmas just around the corner this may also be quite obvious but for those wanting to get to loved ones around the world it can be extremely frustrating.  Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes.  Maybe try and consider taking a longer break as from the 23rd of December it really get messy.  If you can possibly afford to travel early in the month and stay longer you could avoid some of the chaos.

Steer Clear of the Capital

This might be easier said than done depending on where you live and where you want to get to, but sadly Gatwick is the worth possible airport for delays.  Over 30% of all their flights are hit with a form of delay, thankfully some are well under and hour, but if you are travelling with children or babies this can seem like a lifetime. In second place we find Luton, and in third sits Edinburgh.  It may shock you to learn that Heathrow manages to sit in 9th which makes it a good choice if you are in the London area and wanting to fly.

The Airline Plays a Part

The other factor that you have to consider is the airline you are flying with.  Sadly while budget airlines may save you pennies they are notorious for poor organisation which in turn leads to more significant delays more of the time.  EasyJet come out as the worst culprit and some will argue this is because they do not have the money to invest that more long established airlines do.

Be Clear on Compensation

It is therefore very worth familiarising yourself with the compensation rules surrounding delayed flights.  No win – no fee solicitors specialising in flight delays can help you make a claim after the event and to be fair if you are entitled to the compensation you really should consider claiming it.  In order to be eligible for any compensation in the form of a cash payout the delay must have exceeded 3 hours.  Between 2 and 3 hours the airport should offer you meals and drinks etc.  There are strict guidelines on the amount that is paid out so check what you might be entitled to.

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