The average Star Wars fan has spent 63 hours and 48 minutes watching films from the series

Star Wars fans have named Han Solo the best character of the popular franchise, while the famous ‘I am your Father’ scene is the greatest moment.

The love interest of Princess Leia and father of Kylo-Ren, played by Harrison Ford, came top of the poll, beating competition from the beloved Chewbacca and Jedi Master Yoda.

The popular bleeping bot, R2-D2 and bad guy Darth Vader completed the top five.

It also emerged the average Star Wars fan has spent 63 hours and 48 minutes watching films from the series – the equivalent of more than two days.

Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back was also named as the most watched film.

Dean Cross, Film Content Manager at Vue, which commissioned the research, said: “Star Wars continues to be a sell-out success as we prepare to welcome hordes of fans through our doors over the coming weeks.

“Our research revealed that Star Wars is the favourite film for over a third of the public and we’re thrilled to help fans from all generations enjoy the latest instalment.”

The study, of 2,000 Star Wars fans, named the iconic moment where Darth Vader reveals his true identity and relationship with Luke Skywalker as the best movie moment.

Second place went to the Death Star attack in ‘A New Hope’ followed by the Battle of Hoth from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

The pod race in The Phantom Menace and the scene in the Cantina Bar, in A New Hope, where Luke and Obi-Wan first encounter Hans Solo and Chewbacca completed the top five.

When it comes to Star Wars droids, R2-D2, unsurprisingly, grabs the spot for top bot, with C-3PO and BB-8 following close behind.

The Millennium Falcon was voted as the best starship, with the X-Wing Starfighter and Star Destroyer taking a back seat for second and third place.

The research, conducted via, also revealed the most popular episode to be Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, narrowly beating Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and Episode IV – A New Hope.

And each of the top three film choices have been watched by Star Wars enthusiasts five times.

Almost half of film buffs have had a movie ‘binge’, with the average Star Wars splurge lasting four films – with a typical running time of nine hours.

One in ten have even watched the films in order all in one sitting, as opposed to the order they were released.

And four in ten agree this is the best order to enjoy the films in over other theories.

It also emerged almost one third have tried to get their kids into the film series, with the majority seeing their first film between the ages of seven and 12.

And three in ten say the space fantasy films are their favourite of all movies.

But while they have seen the Star Wars films over and over again, The Breakfast Club, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Goonies are among the cult classics they are least likely to have seen.

Top 20 favourite Star Wars characters
1. Han Solo
2. Chewbacca
3. Yoda
4. R2-D2
5. Darth Vader
6. Luke Skywalker
7. C-3PO
8. Princess Leia
9. Obi-Wan Kenobi
10. Anakin Skywalker
11. BB-8
12. Jabba the Hut
13. Boba Fett
14. Wicket the Ewok
15. Jar Jar Binks
16. Darth Maul
17. Rey
18. The Emperor
19. Admiral Ackbar
20. Padme Amidala

Top 5 goodies:
1. Han Solo
2. Luke Skywalker
3. Princess Leia
4. Yoda
5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Top 5 badies:
1. Darth Vader
2. Jabba the Hutt
3. Darth Maul
4. Boba Fett
5. Kylo Ren

Top 5 scenes:
1. “Luke, I am your father” (The Empire Strikes Back)
2. The Death Star attack (A New Hope)
3. The Battle of Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back) – The Empire attacks on the ice planet Hoth.
4. The Pod Race (The Phantom Menace)
5. The Cantina Bar (A New Hope) – Luke and Obi-Wan hit this hive of scum and villainy as the catchiest tune in the galaxy is played.

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