Four out of 10 Brits have completely lost touch with ALL their childhood friends

Four out of 10 Brits have completely lost touch with ALL their childhood friends, a study has found.

Researchers discovered a large percentage of the population have no idea what happened to former mates and classmates – and a quarter are ‘happy’ they no longer have contact with them.

It also emerged around one in four haven’t seen their childhood friends in more than a decade.

But around four out of 10 have managed to remain close to a couple of mates they first met in the school playground.

Those who do keep in touch with old friends use social media, or live close enough to get together from time to time.

Commissioned by PizzaExpress as part of its #GatherRoundGreatFood campaign, the research of 1,020 UK adults also found one fifth wish they were still in contact with their childhood pals.

Timothy Love of PizzaExpress said: “Everybody nowadays is connected to thousands of people on social media, but it is a different story in real life.

“With ‘Gather Round Great Food’ we wanted to encourage people to reconnect with their long-lost friends and what a better way than over pizza!

“Christmas is all about coming together and our aim is to help everyone along the way.”


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