Brits decide that the perfect bacon sandwich is served on white bread with ketchup

It’s official – The perfect bacon sandwich is to be served on white bread with ketchup – but never toasted, it has emerged.
A study of 2,000 adults settled once and for all exactly how the traditional favourite should be served and also put to bed the red or brown sauce dispute.
It also found the perfect bacon butty should be made with back bacon, on buttered bread with an evenly spread layer of ketchup.
Additionally it should be best enjoyed alongside a cup of piping hot English breakfast tea on a lazy Saturday morning.
The research was commissioned by Holiday Inn Express, who will be taking to the streets of London on Monday (Jan 15th) to hand out hundreds of free bacon baps, turning ‘Blue Monday’ into ‘Bacon Monday’.
Mike Greenup, from Holiday Inn Express, IHG said: “We know what matters when it comes to our guests and the importance of setting them up to make the most of their day; that includes enjoying a good breakfast.
“It’s clear to see that bacon is a favourite breakfast choice — there is nothing better than waking up to the smell of bacon cooking away!”
It also emerged one in four confess the scent of bacon alone is enough to get them out of bed in the morning, with another one in four saying it reminds them of home.
One in five said the savoury scent takes them back to their childhood.
Three in four reckon starting the morning with a bacon butty ‘sets them up for the day’ with the meat being the number one breakfast choice for half of adults.
And in typical British fashion, two thirds favour a bacon sandwich over other morning meal options.
If eggs are on the menu, 47 per cent of the nation must have bacon with them.
But two per cent opt for avocado alongside their bacon.
Half of Brits even admitted they couldn’t live without bacon, although just one quarter of men think they could give up bacon compared to one third of women.
However, more than one in three of those polled via reckon a bacon sandwich tastes better when someone else has made it for them.
Mike Greenup added: “We don’t want our guests to have to compromise on their breakfast choices.
“Knowing that bacon helps to set people up for the day and that it is what our guests want, we are pleased to re-introduce bacon to our newly improved, unlimited, inclusive breakfast menu and we look forward to satisfying guests’ breakfast needs across the country.”
You can follow the Holiday Inn Express Baconmobile on Facebook from Monday 15th January to find out more
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