Elton John Praises Memoir of Gut-Wrenching Abuse, at Hands of Homophobic, Animalistic Government

United Kingdom – While it may read like a sick and twisted Hollywood movie, it’s hard to believe that every word in Elton Justice’s new memoir is 100% true; a deplorable example of humanity at its worst.


It’s a story of free speech’s death, a Government plot to destroy a man based not only on him speaking out against injustice, but his sexuality. On the flipside, it’s an empowering showcase of the resilience of the author, as he falls in love with one of those tasked with his demise; a love that still blossoms today.

Singer Elton John said he was “beyond touched” by the author’s words.

Synopsis of ‘Charlie’:

This is a harrowing account of a gay man’s fight against the authorities of a Far Eastern government hell-bent on destroying him, his reputation, his career, his family, and utterly everything in his life all because he uttered these words on his Facebook page: “he is an elected dictator.” This is a true story and a true account of the life of Elton Justice, a British citizen, during a terrifying and soul destroying three year period of his life while living in the Far East. This is a true story of heinous crimes against humanity and serious breaches of civil liberties. This is a story of rape, abuse, psychological terrorism, imprisonment without trial, and the murder of innocent gay men. These heinous crimes are and have all been committed by the governing authorities of an elected government. This is a true story that will raise many questions and serious concerns around the world. This is a true story that will shock the world.

Even to this day, I get sick to my stomach when accepting that this all began with a comment on Facebook,” explains the author. “It shows the lengths a nation will go to in order to silence its residents, protect the Government’s interests and take drastic steps to belittle and bury those who speak out. Worst of all, this most definitely isn’t fiction.

Continuing, “However, I also use the book to show the flipside; the British Government’s bending over backwards to ensure the safety of me and my boyfriend, and the human spirit’s ability to find hope if it refuses to give up in the face of adversity. I think, ultimately, it proves that good always triumphs over evil.

The author was thrilled to hear from Elton John.

Note from Sir Elton John

“Elton wrote me quite a long card, saying how touched he was by my story, and that he was pleased I finally found happiness. I wasn’t expecting to hear back from him, and am so thrilled he not only took the time to explore my story, but that it rattled his emotions as well,” he adds.

With the volume’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘Charlie’ is available now at: www.charliebook.shop and Amazon: http://amzn.to/2mK38SG.

About the Author:

Elton and his boyfriend now live happily together in the U.K. following intervention by his M.P. in recent months, who helped bring his boyfriend to the U.K. They are rebuilding their lives together as they had both been abused and manipulated by these punishing authorities on different sides of the same law. In the end, good prevailed over evil, and the humanity of the British authorities helped to save both their lives from this terrible assault by the elected authorities of a Southeast Asian Government.

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