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THIS – Scotland 2018 is by far the largest Tinnitus Week event (5th – 11th February) in Scotland.

Building on last year’s successful event, THIS Scotland focuses on the public and health professionals throughout Scotland and the North of England. Over a million people experience tinnitus and hearing loss in Scotland alone. Because of its very nature it’s invisible to others, so the health professional can all too easily be lulled into a belief that it is not serious. By raising awareness among the public and crucially targeting health professionals we aim to offer Tinnitus and Hearing Made Simple – What
to do if it affects you!

A hearing test should be viewed as a proactive health check in its own right because of the known link
between a loss of hearing and cognitive decline, such as dementia. The evidence is clear that it should
also be a priority for anyone diagnosed with tinnitus. In addition, there are other less obvious hearingrelated
conditions that include a risk of falling, cancer, heart problems, kidney disease, depression and

While simple reassurance and guidance can often be what is required it is important that those more
seriously affected are given the right information to suit their needs. Sometime specialist referrals are
required, and these cases are not always obvious. All too often people are passed on from one wellmeaning
organisation to another, whereas THIS Scotland 2018 offers a platform via our expert panel
of researchers and practitioners to showcase innovative new technologies, best practice treatments
and importantly sources of immediate help.

There are three unique interactive presentations from our expert guests with time in-between for
informal discussions at the information stands. Details of the speaker program are attached.

Our principal speaker is Dr James Jackson, from Leeds Trinity University. James suffered a sudden
severe hearing loss while a student and has had Tinnitus since childhood. He is involved in ongoing
hearing research for The British Tinnitus Association and other hearing organisations. Among our other
experts is Dr William M Whitner from the Medical Research Council, Chief Scientist Office and Institute
of Hearing Research based in Glasgow.

Other sessions include Ginger from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, interactive technology and effective
treatments. For more information on the show please visit

Alan Hopkirk
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