Democracy is Nonsense, Story Claims

A linguist named Omar al-Musa plans to publish, in English and Arabic, a collection of very short stories including one titled “Wonderland Democracy.” The unconventional story includes logic which “proves” that any form of democracy is actually impossible.

The logic can be summarized as follows:

“Democracy (or “the rule of the people”) is actually the rule of media directors.

For security and personal reasons, media do not have the absolute freedom to let people know everything about candidates.

Media directors are not elected by the people, yet they collectively decide who the winner is.

They must be elected if we want a real democracy.

If we want to fairly elect a single media director, the election must be in an environment free of the influence of non-elected media directors.

If all media directors are to be fairly elected, then the effects of their previous work must be removed from the people’s minds and hearts before the election is held. This is impossible. Therefore, democracy is impossible”

Media Contact Details
Omar al-Musa, Cehail
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



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