How can an 0300 number help you to market your charity?

As a business, you might support a wide range of charitable causes. Even if you run a start-up, you could be eagerly looking for charities with which you could partner. You might even be considering setting up a charity of your own – and, in all of these pursuits, a dedicated phone number can help.

You could be surprised by how many marketing riches can be mined from just that single string of numbers to be inputted through a phone keypad. Choosing an 0300 number could especially help…

0300 numbers are often free to call

Real Business states the UK’s legislative position that the cost of phoning 0300 numbers must be absorbed by free minutes and free call deals. For this reason, most willing donors to your charity could find that, in practice, an 0300 number is free for them to call.

Hence, they could become even more enthusiastic about phoning to donate. Even outside of customers’ packages, calls to this number would be charged like those to 01 or 02 numbers.

You don’t have to be charged for incoming calls

As a charity, you will naturally be eager to free up as many financial resources as possible to pour into marketing endeavours. For this reason, it is reassuring that, when 0300 calls reach you over a landline, there will be no charge on your end – provided that this number is from Planet Numbers.

However, keep in mind that Planet Numbers is the only UK telecoms company the customers of which can receive landline-based 0300 calls free of charge.

Your location ceases to be a marketing factor

If you promote a geographic number for your charity, you run the risk of potential donors garnering the impression that the organisation is based in a specific part of the country.

However, an 0300 number is non-geographic; in other words, people will be unable to discern the charity’s location from its 0300 number alone. Therefore, with such a number, you could stand a better chance of effectively marketing your charity to people all over the country.

You could include a carefully-tailored greetings message

When you buy your 0300 number from Planet Numbers, you will be given the option of inserting a greetings message in case anyone attempts to call your charity when no-one can take the call.

Even in just this greetings message, you could promote various facets of the charity – such as its aims and how much money it has raised so far. You could also detail means of donating other than over the phone and so help the caller to finally get through to your charity.

The number alone can be highly memorable

Another bonus of purchasing from Planet Numbers is the range of 0300 numbers from which you can choose. The Bronze numbers are the cheapest and can be connected for free, but you might want to shell out more for an especially memorable number, which would come with what is still just a small connection charge, from the Platinum range.

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