Brits face ‘déjà-food’ on a daily basis by eating the same lunch on repeat

One in three Brits face ‘déjà-food’ on a daily basis by eating the same lunch on repeat, new research has revealed.

Despite many Brits claiming to be “foodies” only one in five eat lunch purely for pleasure and taste.

Nearly eight in ten say they are bored by their lunch choices and 78 per cent chow down at midday simply to keep their energy levels up.

The research, commissioned by The New York Bakery Co., found nearly half of those polled face a daily dose of “lunch envy”, craving a friend or colleague’s midday meal rather than their own.

It also revealed the average Brit forks out a whopping £6.08 on average each day on lunch alone, with those in London spending £15.51.

Christina Honigfort, from The New York Bakery Co., said: “This research highlights that the British workforce desperately needs to revamp its lunch and inject some excitement into the midday meal.

“We want to inspire Brits to ditch the soggy sandwiches and love their lunch once again.

“Making small changes, such as trying something new for our lunch time meal, is the perfect way to add some flavour and variety to the working week.”

The Great British lunch survey laid bare eating habits across the country, with Leeds folk revealed to be the ones to most likely tuck in to a humble pie and mash for sustenance.

Those from Plymouth were revealed to be the most likely to grab a Cornish pasty and Liverpudlians confessed to tucking into a bowl of pasta when the clock strikes twelve.

Glasweigians were revealed to sink their teeth into a microwave meal the most often, and Leicester was found to be the bagel capital of the UK.

The research also revealed three-quarters of Brits bring their lunches with them from home, with Londoners the most likely to enjoy last night’s leftovers.

Eighty one per cent of those polled admit that they are never adventurous with their lunches, despite spending over half an hour each morning to ponder our choices available to us.

And it could have big consequences – with a sensitive nine per cent confessed that a bad lunch experience can ruin their whole afternoon.

When asked where Brits would most like to the munch their lunch, the majority of those polled declared New York the winner, wishing to sample some of the city’s famous flavours.

Paris came in second and LA and Tokyo came joint third.

Honigfort added: “We spend so much of our time sat at our desks, it’s good to mix things up and have something to look forward to at lunchtime.

“Bagels are the perfect carrier for a wide variety of fillings and flavour combination, due to their versatility and dense, chewy texture.

“That’s why over the next 12 weeks we are giving away 6,000 limited edition bagel lunch boxes that are perfect to take to work or school.

“Just simply pick up a pack of our Bagel Thins in supermarkets nationwide for your chance to win.”

Lunch Map of the UK

Last night’s leftovers – London (eaten 10 times a month)
Sandwiches – Nottingham (11 times a month)
Bagels – Leicester (5 times a month)
Paninis – Cambridge (5 times a month)
Burritos – Norwich (3 times a month)
Pizzas – Belfast (4 times a month)
Pasta – Liverpool (6 times a month)
Pies – Leeds (5 times a month)
Sushi – Edinburgh (3 times a month)
Jacket potatoes – Manchester (7 times a month)
Burgers – Birmingham (4 times a month)
Microwave meals – Glasgow (4 times a month)
Pub lunches – Cardiff (4 times a month)

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