Largest Online Seat Cover Retailer Now Selling Truck Seat Covers on Amazon

MESA – One of the best-selling retailers of seat covers and auto accessories, Seat Covers Unlimited, announced today that it will sell its extensive selection of quality car and truck seat covers on Amazon Prime. Customers will still have the option to order seat covers through the retailer’s primary website, as well as through choice distributors, but they now have the added convenience of ordering through the popular shopping site along with other items they need. Customers will also get free shipping by ordering through Amazon Prime.

“This is an exciting new way for our customers to get the seat covers they need to accessorize and protect their cars and trucks,” said Matt Larsen, the eCommerce manager for Seat Covers Unlimited. “Our same extensive selection of covers will be on the site, and they will be available for the same budget-friendly prices.”

Seat Covers Unlimited is the largest online retailer of truck seat covers. Its vast selection includes a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, and other options, allowing customers to get exactly the look and functionality they want from their seat covers. Truck owners might be especially interested in waterproof materials and in patterns like camouflage. However, they have the choice to configure their seat covers in whatever way they like.

Buyers are able to search the selection by these options, as well as by model type. The retailer offers truck seat covers for popular models including Dodge, Ford, and Chevy.

In addition to saving money on the affordably priced truck seat covers, buyers also save money by buying through Amazon Prime and getting free, two-day shipping. Those who are not Prime members can still order through Amazon and enjoy affordably priced shipping.

Customers can easily make returns if they find that something doesn’t look the way they expected when they get it in person, or if they find that a particular pattern doesn’t look as good with their interior as they thought it would. Returns are processed quickly, and they are free to make.

Though Seat Covers Unlimited has only been offering its products on Prime for a short time, it has already earned a number of rave reviews on Amazon.

Seat Covers Unlimited offers more than 20,000 seat cover options on Amazon and on its primary website. A smaller percentage of those offerings is available on Prime, but the selection will be expanded over time. You can find the selection by searching for Seat Covers Unlimited on Amazon.

For more information about Seat Covers Unlimited, visit or call (888) 410-5050.

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