Busy lives and mobile phones mean more than half of Brits are ‘always on’

More than half of Brits are ‘always on’, according to a study.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found fast-paced lifestyles, always being contactable by mobile and increasing demands at work mean few truly ‘switch off’.

Other factors include the stress of being a parent, longer commuting times and financial pressures amid rising living costs.

But two thirds believe their difficulty in switching off has taken its toll on both their health and emotional wellbeing.

Commissioned by tea brand Twinings, the research also found those polled truly switch off for just 54 minutes a day on average.

Jacqueline Makin, spokeswoman for Twinings, said: “Our research revealed the majority of Brits are finding the pressures of modern life stressful.

“However, we believe simple adjustments to our everyday lifestyle, for example a short tea break with companions or taking time out for ourselves can really help to positively influence our emotional welfare.”

The research also found the difficulties we have switching off mean we’re left feeling ‘mentally frazzled’ twice a week on average.

And four in 10 admit their difficulty in unwinding has had a negative impact on their home life

In fact, more than half are so busy they don’t even feel like they have time for a tea break.

But 45 per cent are aware of the problem and acknowledged they need to make more effort to successfully switch off.

However, six in 10 feel said they feel apprehensive about straying from their daily routine.

Despite this, the Twinings research carried out through OnePoll, found many of those polled have made changes to their daily routine to help them better relax.

These include taking longer tea breaks during their working day, not looking at their mobile devices in the evening and reading a book before going to bed.

Other methods include taking more tea breaks, doing exercise and enforcing a ‘no talking about work’ rule when at home.

Jacqueline Makin added: “Health and fitness is such an important focus for people nowadays, but we must remember that our emotional wellbeing is just as vital for our health and longevity.”

The tea brand has hosted three 45 minute podcasts covering wellbeing, resilience and mindfulness to show how making small changes to routine can have a positive impact on our lives.

The recordings feature Emma Gannon (Ctrl, Alt, Delete), Katie Piper (Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People) and Standard Issue, along with special guests.

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