Ruler Analytics Launches New Closed Loop Marketing Attribution Dashboard

Ruler Analytics is excited to announce the latest development to their analytics platform, it’s closed-loop marketing attribution dashboard. It enables marketing and sales leaders to attribute closed-revenue from CRM back to the marketing channel and keyword that generated it over multiple touch-points.

The new tool enables businesses to get ahead of their competition by providing points of optimisation that are typically beyond the scope of most businesses. With the ever-increasing competition of paid channels, Ruler Analytics’ revenue data means that users can go beyond form fill conversions as the main goal, and instead begin optimising towards the sources, campaigns, and keywords that deliver the most revenue to their business.

It works by tracking customers from the first moment they visit your website, through to when they convert via form fill, phone call or live chat, and then integrates with CRM platforms and payment processors so that when a deal closes, that information can be passed back into the users marketing analytics platform and revenue attributed fairly to the channel based on how much influence it had on the sale.

“It’s always been our goal to provide the most comprehensive insight into the success of our user’s marketing campaigns, and closed-loop revenue attribution has always been the nirvana we imagined when we first built Ruler Analytics. With the changing technology landscape – everything is done online with open APIs – we had the opportunity to make this dream a reality” said Daniel Reilly, Director at Ruler Analytics.

He continues “One of our top partners increased their client’s return on ad spend by 127% by identifying keywords that were driving leads but never turned into closed deals and removing them from their campaigns.”

As well as hard results, there’s an organisational impact within teams that adopt their method “The transformation that takes place within an organisation when they start adopting our technology and process is significant. Marketing teams are no longer seen as a luxury as the impact they make on the bottom line is clear to see, and bonds between sales and marketing teams form due to their now shared goal”.

Fairly attributing revenue to marketing channel for sales that close in CRM has been a thorn in the side of marketers for many years. Whilst ecommerce marketers benefit from a relatively straight forward buying process that happens completely online, with higher ticket sales, deals are often closed over the phone, or in person during meetings. It’s with the increasing adoption and openness of modern CRMs and payment processors that has enabled Ruler Analytics to finally fill in the missing piece of the puzzle.

Ruler Analytics is the first platform to bring this level of insight at an affordable rate for non-enterprise customers, starting at £99 per month.