How to Grow Your Business Without Hiring Full-Time Employees

Efforts to save time and money could mean small business owners are taking on different roles to ensure the stability of the business. This could happen for a while, depending on the growth of the business. This means that if the business is on a steady increase, then the business owner might not be able to handle daily activities alone.

There are certain signs to indicate when your business needs new employees;

  • Your current staff are much busier than usual
  • New jobs beneficial to your business are getting turned down due to excessive workload
  • No rest, working day and night without breaks and still end up not getting desired results
  • A significant or even subtle drop in the quality of work
  • An increase in customer issues that need to be addressed in a timely way
  • You’re unable to grant employee requests for time off
  • Regular overtime has surpassed seasonal booms
  • Evidence of employee burnout—irritability, absenteeism and accidents

Part-Time Employees

Hiring part-time employees could help sustain your business without having to take on a full-time commitment. The population of part-time employees stood at 27.7 million in 2016, which means small business owners can benefit from this opportunity by getting help to grow the business without taking on the responsibility of hiring a full-time staff.

Small business owners can also make this opportunity more attractive to part-time employees by including incentives and benefits such as health, life and disability insurance, sick leave and flexible work hours.

This is necessary because both part-time and full-time employees have the same tax laws guiding them, which makes working with your small business more attractive for the employee.

Family and Friends

Small business owners could also hire someone in dire need of a job among family and friends. There are certain thing you would need to consider when hiring friends or family, do it is imperative to set up an agreement before proceeding.

For example, on the one hand, you are going to be getting help from someone you know and trust, but on the other, you may find it difficult or uncomfortable giving a loved one direction or correcting their work if they make mistakes.

Hiring an Intern

Paid interns who are given the opportunity to learn on the job while working for you could help contribute to the development of your business. It is also advisable to ensure appropriate steps are carried out to ensure your interns are properly trained as this could result in hiring them after graduation and would require little or no supervision. Having an intern on board, or even an on-going intern program will allow you to have a year-round recruiting tool, and you will always have potential future employees in the pipeline.

Outsourcing to Independent Contractors

Hiring a specialist who is experienced in particular fields or finding the perfect-fit can help reduce the heavy workload on business owners and give you the business tools you need for success. These specialists (also known as independent contractors) generally get paid based on the project or an hourly basis

Specialists are solely responsible for their own tax obligations, and these independent contractors need no training to get started. The vital thing to consider is your specific needs and being able to move at a pace that relieves some of the stress of business growth without adding any new challenges to face.

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