Clever Energy Boilers WIN ‘Installer Of The Year’ at the Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

Clever Energy Boilers are proud to announce it has recently been awarded ‘Installer Of The Year’ at the Energy Efficiency Awards 2019 for Yorkshire & Humberside and in two other regions the North West and the Midlands, winning a commendation. Awards also came in from the Keighley and Airedale Business Awards 2019, and the Bradford Business Awards 2019 recognised Clever Energy Boilers as a finalist in the Job Creator of the Year category.

We interview the Directors to find out the secret to the success of this rapidly growing company?

The Team Behind Clever Energy Boilers and the Secret to Their Success

Clever Energy Boilers emerged from a roofing business that progressed into fitting solar panels and external wall insulation before finally finding its rightful place supplying and installing heating solutions. Helping customers save money on their energy bills has always been a passion of directors Jon Broadbent and Paul Calvert, and they soon realised that matching people up with the most efficient boiler model for the unique requirements of their property was the key to business success.

Fast Expansion for Clever Energy Boilers

“Our plan was to install 40 boilers a month,” says Paul, “but within a month of setting up the heating business we were installing 20 boilers a week!” Both Paul and Jon confess they weren’t expecting the company to skyrocket quite so quickly. “The original plan was to install boilers throughout West Yorkshire,” Jon recalls, “but we have now gone from four employees to over 50, operating throughout the north of England and the Midlands.”

Indeed, Clever Energy Boilers was an immediate success, and that didn’t go unnoticed in the industry. “We were soon installing what was probably by far the most in the local region, so we were very surprised at our rate of growth” admits Paul, “as were many others watching on.”

The company remains based in West Yorkshire, with its headquarters situated in Keighley, a town situated next to the rugged open moorland of Bronte Country. It also boasts an office in Birmingham, facilitating the company’s successful expansion into the Midlands.

The Background to Clever Energy Boilers

Clever Energy Boilers hit the market in the early 2010s with a clear plan to install efficient boilers that not only saved customers money by converting as much of the fuel used to power them into heat as possible, but also helped protect the environment by reducing the amount of energy needed to keep homes across the region warm.

To this day, the firm supplies and installs the most advanced and economical models from the leading boiler brands. Clever Energy Boilers is particularly proud to associate itself with Worcester Bosch. The company’s expert and experienced installers recommend Worcester’s boiler range above all others, a sentiment echoed by the prestigious Which? Magazine, whose boiler report has been topped by Worcester for the last nine years in a row.

Clever Energy Boilers is an accredited Worcester Bosch installer and it is an association of which they are proud.

In addition to the top of the range products that Clever Energy Boilers supplies, customers can shop with confidence thanks to the company’s Which? Trusted Trader status. The firm is also a credit broker, offering a range of clever ways to pay for a boiler replacement in the north of England and the Midlands.They can also help customers access a range of different grants to help towards a boiler replacement.

Government ECO Scheme at Clever Energy Boilers

One of the support streams that many Clever Energy Boilers customers take advantage of is the government ECO scheme. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is designed to tackle fuel poverty in the UK and help households reduce carbon emissions. Medium and large energy suppliers are required to fund measures to add energy efficiency to homes around the UK and one of the best ways to achieve that is through replacing old and outdated boilers with new and much more economical models.

“The government ECO scheme has helped the country become more efficient and has helped us grow as well,” says Jon. Paul agrees: “The Government ECO has accelerated the growth of the company, and the other income streams have come in off the back of this. It is certainly a big factor in how we have managed to grow so quickly. We have also been one of the few companies that have managed to keep ECO boiler funding throughout the duration of the ECO scheme. This is testament to the team that have worked tirelessly on this over the years.”

Eligibility for ECO funding is usually based around receipt of one or more of a list of benefits. These include Universal Credit, Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance, Working Tax Credit, Armed Forces Independence Payment to name just a few. You can find the full list at the Funding section of the Clever Energy Boilers website.

Secret to the Clever Energy Boilers Success

As you would expect, there is no single reason behind the success of Clever Energy Boilers, but rather a combination of factors. “A lot is down to hard work,” says Jon, “as well as the fact that we are known for the installation capabilities of our talented team.” Paul adds “we communicate very well with customers from the initial enquiry stage to follow up from a customer service perspective. Customers like to see that they are dealing with a professional company.”

This hard work and dedication to customers has also been recognised by others in the industry and the wider business world, with Clever Energy Boilers picking up an array of awards and accolades. “The recent awards we have won have made me proud, as did the early awards in 2014,” says Paul. Jon also cites the company’s awards as up there among his proudest achievements.

Clever Energy Boilers – The Present and the Future

The company has come a long way in a short amount of time and is currently riding high. “We now offer 4 different business services,” says Paul, “ECO gas boiler installations and ECO oil boiler installations, full central heating systems, private domestic boiler installations, and service, repair and maintenance work.”

But what does the future hold?

“Who knows what’s around the corner?” asks Paul, “expansion into other areas possibly, either through acquisitions or organically. We could diversify into other energy efficient perhaps too.” Jon puts it more plainly: “we would like to become a national company.”

Watch out, the rest of the UK, Clever Energy Boilers is coming to get you.
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