Put Your Unused Garage To Good Use

Many of us who are lucky enough to own a garage don’t take advantage of this space. Often it just becomes a dumping ground for clutter. By clearing it out and making a few improvements, it’s possible that you may be able to turn this space into something more practical. Here are just a few great purposes to consider for your unused garage.  

A home office/study

A garage could be the perfect space to use as a home office or a study. Most garages are separated from the rest of the home, offering the privacy and concentration needed to work. You’ll likely need to wire in some electrics so that you can plug in your computer and possibly look for a new flooring option so that it’s a little cosier, but other than that you may not have to make many improvements.

A workshop

If you’re into your DIY or crafts, you could also consider turning your garage into a workshop. It could be the perfect space for fitting machinery and a workbench, whilst the garage door can offer convenient access and good ventilation. An epoxy floor coating could be worthwhile applying to protect you floor from chemicals or scratching and you may want to add a decent extractor fan for doing work in winter. Installing sockets may also be necessary for plugging in machinery.

A gym

An unused garage could also make a great gym. It could be the perfect space for placing large gym equipment that may be too big to place elsewhere. Adding some electrics and air conditioning could be worthwhile.

An extra bedroom

Turning your garage into an extra bedroom could have many benefits. It could be a great investment – not only will an extra bedroom add a lot value to your home, but it could also be rented out to a lodger. Alternatively, it could be used for a member of the family or as a guest bedroom. You’ll likely need to make a few improvements for this to be classed legally as a bedroom such as adding insulation, heating, electrics and a decent floor. You’ll also likely want to remove the garage door and add a window here or an extra door.

An extra living area

You could also turn your garage into an extra general living area. If you have older kids, this could be a living space just for them. Alternatively, it could be a mancave or a she shed. If your garage is joined to the home, you may even be able to expand an existing room such as the kitchen or the living room creating a large flowing space. This will involve knocking down an interior wall, which could be costly, but nowhere near as costly an extension, which is the only option for many people expanding their living area.

A place to store your car

Of course, there is always the option of using a garage for its original intended purpose – a place to keep your car secure at night. This could be very useful if you don’t have off-road parking and you likely won’t have to do any conversion work. Garage doors come in different types. One of the underrated types is the sectional garage doors. This type of garage door allows homeowners to customize the style according to their desire which can increase the overall value of the property. 

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