3 Family Car Essentials

If you are looking to replace the old banger on your driveway with a more reliable family motor, the chances are that you will soon be heading to the used car showroom. New cars are full of the latest mod cons but they depreciate in value the moment you drive them away from the forecourt. Instead, consider heading to a trade seller to hunt for a quality second hand vehicle. These cars are more economical and still come with a three month warranty. As a responsible parent, you now need to hunt for a family car. However, this needn’t mean a boring hatchback. Take a look at these family car essentials.


You want your family to feel safe and secure in any vehicle that you buy. Take a look at the Euro NCAP website to discover a range of ratings for a whole host of family cars available for you to buy. The ratings are also accompanied with a detailed review of the safety features of the car. Consider purchasing a vehicle with an advanced braking system, blind spot sensors and side impact bars as standard. Internally, cars are safer than ever before. They have metallic yet heat resistant types of gasket rather than the asbestos ones of old. 


As a responsible parent, you need to ensure that your car is fit for purpose. You can purchase the safest car on paper but it is up to you to maintain it. Carry out your maintenance checks of fluid level monitoring and taking tire pressures before each long journey. And be a safe and defensive driver. While you might be a cautious driver, other road users might not be.


You may think that newer cars are more reliable, but you are better off looking at a vehicle’s service history and mileage. A car that is ten years old but with a full service history and low mileage will be more reliable than a two year old car that has been run into the ground. Be cautious and purchase only once you have been on a test drive. Never buy blind. On any test drive, ensure that you ask the salesperson accompanying to stay quiet. Any odd noise that you hear that cannot be explained should ring alarm bells so walk away. If you aren’t sure what you are looking or listening for, ensure that you take the amateur mechanic in the family with you.

Hybrid Options

If you are keen to break away from the expensive gas guzzlers, you could find yourself saving money in the long run by venturing towards a hybrid vehicle. These cars are cheaper to run as you only need to recharge rather than refuel, you won’t need any tax and the insurance will be cheaper than the diesel equivalents. Hybrids have a reputation for being slow and boring to drive. While this may have been true five years ago, nowadays they are as thrilling to drive as any vehicle. And buy a hybrid, and you could be setting a great environmental example to your kids.


Forget the brand new cars, and follow this guide to help you find your perfect next family car.

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