WPO completes its €600,000 bond issue in record time

WPO completes its €600,000 bond issue in record time


A new record was set for the financing of energy transition related projects. Launched on 15 January 2020, WPO’s bond issue reached its target in less than 24 hours. The bond issue was met with unprecedented enthusiasm on the crowdlending platform Lendosphere.

A record setting bond issue for the digital energy transition

On 15 January 2020, WPO, a French leading multi-national platform for the management of third-party wind and solar assets in Europe, launched a bond issue open to all, including individuals, to pre-finance a new energy transition model, based on the collection and processing of energy data. This new model, which can reduce the cost of green energy and make its production more reliable, has convinced 466 investors in less than 24 hours.

“We are thrilled to witness such enthusiasm for our digital energy transition project, this is a testimony to the willingness of citizens to be part of the change for a greener future. We know the response to the climate emergency cannot only come from governments, it is also for businesses and citizens to take the lead by proposing and supporting innovative initiatives and solutions.” Barthélémy Rouer, Founder of WPO.

Set at €600 000 the target was met in 23 hours, a record setting success for Lendosphere, France’s leading crowdfunding platform for paid loans dedicated to the energy transition.

“WPO’s business model is different from the other projects on Lendosphere but the ambition of this project appealed to the investors in an unprecedented way. This accomplishment underlines the relevance of our action and the growing interest of the citizens to participate in the energy transition. “ Amaury Blais, President of Lendosphère

An energy transition model based on data

The digitalization of the management of wind and solar farms allows the collection in real time of large amounts of data related to the operation of these infrastructures: electrical data (power, intensity, frequency…), mechanical data (temperature, vibration, noise…), meteorological data (wind speed, atmospheric pressure, radiation, etc.) and others.

Intelligent processing of this data has a threefold advantage:

Reduces costs through the automation of multiple control and management functions
Maximizes green energy production through the early detection and anticipation of anomalies on facilities
Increases Transparency by certifying green energy production and making this data available to the general public, institutions and professionals.

This virtuous cycle benefits both the producer who optimizes its facilities, and the general public who is now able to evaluate and verify the progress of the energy transition through reliable access to live data as it happens in real time.

The bond issue will allow WPO to deploy the most effective means to increase its data portal and enhance its value through artificial intelligence. To do this, private certificates of renewable energy production, called GoCerts , will be created in real time, registered and transferred by a shared electronic registration device (“Distributed Ledger Technology”).

About WPO :
Established in 2008, WPO is a leader in independent asset management and associated specialized services for wind and solar power in Europe. The company oversees 600 production sites in 10 European countries with a capacity of more than 5 gigawatts, i.e. 1700 wind turbines and 12 million photovoltaic modules. Today, WPO contributes to the production of electricity from renewable sources for the equivalent of about two million people, almost the population of intramural Paris. It offers technical, commercial and financial management solutions, and holds among its clients and stakeholders more than 360 companies, including investment funds, insurers, reinsurers, developers, banks, mixed economy companies and independent electricity producers. In a world where energy management is becoming increasingly decentralized and complex, WPO’s main objective is to ensure energy sustainability and create the conditions for greater trust through issuing the first energy production certificates from reliable and traceable renewable sources on the world market. WPO is listed on the Financial Times FT1000 2017 as one of Europe’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies.

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