Protecting your business from Coronavirus


With the looming threat of the Coronavirus in the UK and the possible impact it may yet have on UK companies, it’s possible to mitigate the risk and impact to your business using the latest technology. Allowing your staff to work from home seamlessly ensures continuity whatever happens.

How to help your business
1) Switching to a Cloud Phone system as soon as possible, can allow employees to work from home when required. With cloud phones, your staff can use their mobile phone, computer app, or physical phone at home to make and receive office calls using your business number, so your customers won’t know the difference.

2) Using a Cloud Phone system also offers full Unified Communication. Staff can live chat to other staff members, ensuring all your team stay in contact and they can even video call each other for a catch-up.

3) Make sure your staff can access their computer systems remotely. You can either setup a VPN on your business router, which allows staff to connect to their PCs in the office, or you can move your systems to cloud based ones.

Be prepared, move your phones to the Cloud in less than 24 hours!

– £10 Per User / Month
– No Crazy Contracts
– Unlimited Calls*
– Physical & Virtual Phones

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