Who are NAPAG Trading?

Napag International Oil Trading is a petro-corporation founded by Francesco Mazzagatti. The branches of this organization have been spread across Europe and also in the Middle East. Since 2012, this firm has been known for its petroleum and petrochemical products worldwide.

Napag began its work by mining, refining, supplying, and marketing crude oil and many other refined products, including fertilizers, olefins, natural gas, etc. As we are evolving day by day, we are working in the field of petrochemical more and more to yield the maximum amount of products. Our target is primarily the markets where we are allowing to experiment and deliver the best in front of the customers who know the worth of our best services.

The coverage of Napag Group has been extended to provide better services. The extended companies have been established in three major parts of Europe, Britain, and Italy. The UK based company i.e., Napag Trading Limited, the one in Italy named Napag Italia Srl and lastly the one in United Arab Emirates Napag Middle East FZCO.

We are pleased with what we do, and so do our customers. We have worked for several years to maintain our progress and to build trust among our partners, and we have achieved most of our goals!

Major Activities

In Napag Trading, the significant activities accomplished by us highlights the significant aspects of trading, mainly of petrochemical and petroleum products. We are striving day and night to make our services better, and we are determined to improve our services in various sectors. Our expertise includes not only petroleum products but also the transport and logistics sectors. We make our efforts to do the best in this field doing collaborating with partners majorly in this department.


There is a wide range of departments working to improve the quality of products and services offered by Napag. Those varieties of departments include sales, services, production, management, and refining department.

Napag mostly relies on the sales department for fruitful partnerships with globally renowned producers of raw material, mainly found in the Middle East. The major part of our efforts includes the reinforcement of our areas by expanding our networks and business into the market of raw materials. The management department is responsible for improving customer services.

Napag’s policy established to resolve any problem and to engage and address the queries requested by the customers. The requests include

  • Proposing marketing strategies focusing on the international market
  • Managing the stock levels and production
  • Annual evaluation to manage budget and storage facilities.
  • Offering all the transport services to make the products available for the customers.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Napag acknowledges the significants of business partners and their collaborations; There are a considerable number of partners who are collaborating with Napag to work in the energy and petroleum market.

Mostly, our team depends on the experts working locally in the financial, energy, commercial, and petroleum sectors.


We have aimed for several years to make our business a global level petro-corp, meeting the need of the world we reside in. Our team includes people from different nationalities, offering their innovation and creatives minds to serve the best products and services to our customers.

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